Sex doll brothel not allowed in Texas County

According to our sources, a company from Texas decided to open an unusual sex doll brothel where the prostitutes are robotic dolls manufactured to offer sexual pleasure. This attempt was denied and The Harris County Commissioners Court, the county that includes Houston decided to vote and to reject this futuristic business. Although this brothel can’t be opened, the company is allowed to sell the “sexbots”. The authorities tried to find different legal ways to stop this brothel from being opened to the public. The legal representatives declared that a business like this can have a negative impact on the local community. Michael Kubosh, a councilman, has mentioned that a robot brothel is the last thing Huston needs. At the beginning of this year, the British Medical Journal has affirmed in an editorial that intercourse between sex dolls and humans can damage both the individual and the society. KinkysDolls is the company that has launched this idea and they consider that there is nothing wrong with this type of activity.

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Local authorities are against this business

The company considers this idea an innovation and their main objective was to open the first brothel with robots. Apparently they didn’t take into consideration that the local authorities have the power to declare the business illegal. Brenda Stardig, another councilman has declared that everybody is free to do whatever he wants in his intimacy. This aspect becomes a problem when sexuality is transformed into a business. The Houston Public Works Department didn’t provide the necessary permits, so the company has to stop the brothel’s construction. The local community considers this idea an inappropriate one and everybody consider that it will have negative consequences for families.

The religious leaders mentioned that this kind of location could tear families apart, bringing only trouble. The councilman Travis stated that everybody was shocked, mentioning that he considers this idea disgusting. The community was totally against this “sexdoll brothel”, so they started to collect signatures requiring that KinkysDolls shouldn’t be allowed to run that type of business in the city. Different non-profit NGOs stated that robot brothels will harm men and the people won’t be able to understand their sexuality. Some Christian ethicists have discussed about the dangers of humans having sex with robots, mentioning that it is against God’s creation.

kinkysdolls sex doll brothel texas county

KinkysDolls background

KinkysDolls is a company who is already popular because they produce sex dolls. The representatives consider that there is nothing wrong with this type of business and they only provide a product to a specific target group. The company declared there are many people who want to buy their sex dolls and the business is a real success. Another argument of the sex dolls’ manufacturer is that any person is free to have sexual intercourse with a doll. Nobody should be against this type of experience because it doesn’t harm the others. KinkysDolls mentioned that their products are made for those who don’t have enough time to develop a relationship. Some customers stated that they buy sex dolls in order to avoid all that drama which is connected to a real relationship. Apparently sex dolls have become a trend, attracting more customers.


The idea is not a new one and it has already been implemented in Germany. Sex doll brothels have created a lot of controversies and the opinions are divided. There are voices who say that this kind of business should be considered illegal and shut down. On the other hand, there are people who analyze the situation from another point of view. They think that everybody can have sex with this type of dolls as long as nobody has to suffer. The subject is still a sensitive one and we will provide new information in order to see how things evolve.

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