Sex doll brothel opens in Madrid, Spain

Luxury Agency Dolls is a brand new sex doll brothel that was recently opened in Madrid, Spain. This is an establishment where men, women and couples can freely explore their sexual fantasies using artificial sex dolls and a variety of toys and other erotic accessories. According to our sources, clients can choose from multiple doll models and the sexclub also offers male and female dolls. This establishment is the second of its kind that was opened in Spain, after Lumidolls in Barcelona. We are seeing more and more sex doll brothels emerging all around the world, which might not be the best thing, according to some. Continue reading the article and find out more about the situation.

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LAD, new doll sexclub in Madrid

According to reports, clients who arrive at the Luxury Agency Dolls sexclub are first escorted into a red room where the sex dolls are introduced to them. Currently, there are five dolls being offered by LAD; 4 female and 1 male model. Additionally to the sex dolls, there are a multitude of different erotic toys also on display. Clients can freely choose to use whatever they wish, everything from dildos to whips and paddles.

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The Luxury Agency Dolls sexclub has a “Sexual Clinic” room, which mostly resembles an operating theater of sorts. The owner of the sex doll brothel originally designed the room and his main goal was to put as many BDSM toys into the room as he possibly could. Clients are able to play the role of a doctor or a patient and use any of the toys and accessories that are in the room.

According to the LAD website, couples or groups can also rent the rooms that are available for an hourly fee. This allows people to experience these sexual fantasies in a safe environment with someone they know and trust.

The prices in the Luxury Agency Dolls sexclub are:

  • 30 minutes – € 40 (€ 52 on weekends)
  • 1 hour – € 60 (€ 78 on weekends)
  • 2 hours – € 80 (€ 105 on weekends)
  • 4 hours – € 120 (€ 156 on weekends)
  • 12 hours – € 170 (€ 250 on weekends)

The rooms have their separate rates that you can check out on the Luxury Agency Dolls rates page. There’s also a LAD online store where clients can purchase some of the sex dolls (priced from € 1,310 to € 1,990), as well as different toys and accessories.

sex dolls Luxury Agency Dolls madrid spain sexclub

Sex with dolls – what do people think about it?

As we’ve seen recently, sex with artificial dolls is becoming more and more popular. And not everybody agrees that sex with dolls is a good idea. Kathleen Richardson, co-founder of the Campaign Against Sex Robots says that these sex dolls are further objectifying female bodies.

Marlís González, vice-president of Sexologists Without Borders said that she fears that our society might change to a more mechanized form of sexuality as a result of these sex dolls. However, Marlís also added that she sees a potential in these dolls being therapeutic and helpful for some people.

As for the owner of the Luxury Agency Dolls sexclub, he said in an interview that he thinks that these dolls are just are just men’s sex toys, like the sex dolls available at Spank The Monkey.


As always, this story about a sex doll brothel has stirred up some controversy. There are people who fully support these types of establishments, and there are also some who are fiercely advocating against them. Check out this site for beautiful Arab escorts London girls available.

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