Nevada sexclub owner wins election after death

Dennis Hof, a sexclub owner in Nevada, USA has been elected to a State Assembly seat more than three weeks after his death. The owner of seven sexclubs has passed away not too long ago, but he still won the congressional election with 68% of the votes. According to the state law, in case something like this happens the officials are allowed to appoint another Republican candidate to fill the spot. Dennis Hof was also a former reality TV star, as he and his brothel were featured in HBO’s “Cathouse” series. Find out more about the sexclub owner’s death and this bizarre situation below.

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The death of Dennis Hof

According to official reports, Dennis Hof was found dead on October 16 in one of his brothels near Las Vegas. Dennis Hof was celebrating his 72nd birthday the night before in a Las Vegas hotel with around 100 of his friends. According to witnesses, Dennis Hof seemed to be healthy and alright throughout the night. Dennis Hof left the hotel party with his friend Ron Jeremy (famous porn star) and they went to Dennis’ nearby Love Ranch brothel, where they parted ways. Dennis was found dead the next morning in his bed by Ron Jeremy after Dennis was late for their meeting.

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Dead sexclub owner wins election

The fact that Dennis Hof managed to win the election even after his death is very bizarre. The reason for this is that the voting ballots have already been sent out before the death of the candidate. However, the fact that people voted for him even after his death was reported baffles many people. Many people protested that a sexclub owner is not the suitable person for a congress role. The fact that Dennis Hof was also accused of rape and sexual assault a couple of years ago did not help his case either.

Regardless of this, Dennis Hof still managed to win the State Assembly seat with 68% of the votes against rival Democrat candidate Lesia Romanov. According to the state law, another Republican candidate can take the place of Dennis, as long as the spot is vacant.


The fact that a dead person can win an election is bizarre to say the least. However, Dennis Hof still received the majority of the votes and thus he has won the seat. Now we will have to wait and see who the Republican officials will elect for the spot.

Dennis has also left a great legacy behind, as he was one of the biggest “legal pimps” in USA. One of his most popular brothels is the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, which was featured in HBO’s “Cathouse” reality series. The Moonlite Bunny Ranch is also the brothel where the most paid prostitute works as well. Read more about Alice Little, the highest paid prostitute in USA by following the link.


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