Caribbean Sex Island

Women, sex, alcohol and drug-friendliness are the benchmarks of this so called “Sex Island”. Good Girls Co., the organizer of this pleasure paradise, did not want to apply the general rules of sexclubs.The chose a total different concept.

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Sources indicate that for $6000, 30 men spend their holiday in the pleasure paradise with 60 prostitutes. As a bonus, each tourist that buys the ticket gets accompanied by two beautiful women with whom they can have “unlimited sex” during the four days.

The organizers stated that if the client doesn’t like the girls assigned to him, they can always be exchanged between other guests. One would even say the women there are treated like objects. The Sex Island trip also offers luxury parties on a yacht and three meals a day, as well as the above mentioned prostitutes.

The birth of Sex Island

The concept of Sex Island was brought up in 2017. A video was posted on YouTube by Good Girls Co. that caused massive controversy, and was a bit too exposing, thus being taken down from YouTube.

Instead of talking about sexclubs, the video was a promotional video of sorts, showcasing the perks of the event, and a party on a yacht with very exposed women. This is the second time the “Sex Island” is taking place.

This year it’s from the 14th of December to the 17th of December, somewhere in the Caribbean, on an island off Colombia. The exact location is kept secret, due to obvious reasons.

As it is with events such as these, Colombian officials were very shocked as this is not the tourism they envisioned. It was even said by Colombian Authorities in 2017 that anyone travelling to the country for the trip would be arrested. Thus the offer was transferred to a private island and the location was kept secret.

Different opinions about the Sex Island

Much like the recent news of sex dolls being more commonly used, events such as these are bound to stir up controversy, and with good reason. Is this morally okay?

Some people deem it is, some of course, don’t. People such as the ones buying the tickets themselves seem to be alright with this whole concept, as they also were a big fan of sexclubs, and seem to support it even.

And that’s alright, people can have their own opinions. But what’s troubling is, people can always say that the girls working there are willingly doing so, and that they are of legal age. Although, not much information was given on the girls other than the number of them, and how they can be traded between other guests, which is rather questionable.

The thing that’s understandable is that people wanna do things that makes them happy, and for the people buying the ticket, it clearly fills the void and makes them happy. It is questionable nonetheless, but to each their own. Good, or bad, it’s very much a reality.

Conclusion – was it some kind of sexclubs?

Considering 2017 was clearly a success, and this year might be as well, this event will be going on for a while until it’s withdrawn due to the massive amounts of controversy or shutdown by the authorities/officials. Although, with such success, there might be upbringings of events similar to this in the future.

It might get to a point where it wouldn’t even be questionable anymore, and just a modern-day vacation of sorts. But as of right now, it seems very controversial and people are disagreeing on a big scale.

What do you think of events such as these? Does this seem okay to you, or do you disagree with this? Of course, it is a quite different thing you can find in sexclubs, but still interesting. Do you like better the sexclubs in your town, or better to participate in such kind of Love Islands?

Is this something that’s ever crossed your mind and deemed as possible? One can only imagine what will come out of these events.


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