People from Lucern watch the new street in Zurich

Zurich’s inauguration of the first red light street in Switzerland is something that Lucerne is anticipating. This may affect Lucerne as well.

Sex Work in Vienna

The first red light street in Switzerland will open on Monday at 7 o’clock in Zurich. From Lucerne, people are keeping a careful eye on what is happening in Zurich. No one is certain that this will succeed, according to security manager Maurice Illi. If alterations are made to Switzerland’s busiest street, you might expect consequences. It is expected that the ladies would accept them, but whether the men will do so is another thing. “That would be pure speculation,” Illi says when asked if they will be so obvious that customers or prostitutes may relocate to Lucerne.

There won’t be any effects on other cities, according to Michael Herzig, who handles red light street in Zurich: “We assume that Strichplatz will operate. We don’t have a backup strategy.“ The city would next respond to the new circumstance if things were to happen differently than anticipated. Herzig claims that men approach prostitutes in Zurich from a radius of around 100 kilometers, from Central Switzerland as well.

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