Men forced several women to prostitution

Two men and a teenager were sent to Wuppertal court. They are accused of forcing several women into prostitution. The most intriguing detail is that the men used the so-called Loverboy method.

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The two main defendants with Turkish and German citizenship as well as a 17-year-old Macedonian are also accused of pimping and commercial forced prostitution. Another important aspect we have to mention is that the juvenile criminal law applies to the underage defendant.

Overall, the loverboy defendants forced seven women into prostitution. According to the indictment, the youngest girl was only 14 years old. The remaining women were between 17 and 22 years old and they were in some cases previously prosecuted for prostitution, declared prosecutor Christina Laibold at the reading of the indictment in the city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The accused men have pretended they truly love these women. This was only a pretext to lure them into prostitution. According to the authorities, the teenager served as a decoy.

The women were even threatened with death

The women earned form prostitution tens of thousands of euros, but they had to give it to the defendants who rapidly spent them. If the victims had refused to obey, they were beaten, strangled or threatened with death, according to the indictment. The defendants are therefore also accused of dangerous bodily injury in several cases. On top of that, the two main defendants had also pretended they have financial and medical problems, so the women had further prostituted out of compassion.


Apparently, the Loverboy method started to be used frequently by malicious men, who try to take advantage of women’s emotions. More and more girls easily fall in love with a fake Prince Charming and then forced into prostitution.

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