Pope considers that prostitution is a disease of humanity

Pope Francis has called prostitution the disease of mankind. In the foreword of a book that has been recently published in Italy, the Pope wrote that mentalities according to which women could be exploited and treated as commodities are pathological.

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This book is about forced prostitution and the victims of international human beings trafficking. This illegal business started to expand rapidly and many women are forced to become sex workers.

Crucified women was written by Don Aldo Buonaiuto, a priest who belongs to a church aid organization for prostitutes. The Pope considers that it is an obligation to liberate affected women: “Any form of prostitution is a reduction to slavery, a criminal act, a disgusting vice. “The women are tortured by this form of crime.

Crucified women

Francis had visited the Pope John XXIII Community in 2016 and met affected women there. In the foreword of the book he has described them as crucified women. The founder of the community, Oreste Benzi, who died in 2007, demanded a general ban on prostitution. In Italy, street prostitution is allowed, but brothels are banned since 1958.

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