Germany’s Hygiene Concept against COVID-19

Because of the Coronavirus, there have been many new laws set into action all around the world. Sex clubs needed to be closed and legal prostitution has been paused because of the epidemic. As a result of the virus, the German government has put forward a hygiene concept that could potentially lower the spread of the virus even further. We’ve found this information on a fellow blog about legal prostitution in Vienna. The Sex-Vienna blog has been putting out new information about paid prostitution in Vienna since the epidemic started and there’s a lot to be read there too.

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Now, let’s see the hygiene concept that has been created in Germany against the Coronavirus!

Highlights of the German hygiene concept

We are not going to go into detail about everything that was in the official document, but we will rather showcase some of the highlights that we have found. These things might sound drastic, but if they are able to be implemented, they are definitely going to help lower the infection rate of the Coronavirus!

Here are some of the highlights of the German hygiene concept:Sex workers and clients need to wear face masks throughout the session – regardless of what setting the sexual services are being offered (sex club, studio, street prostitution, etc.) all participants must wear masks during the session.

Sex workers are not allowed to greet their clients with hugs and kisses – women who wish to work legally are no longer allowed to greet their clients upon arrival with a kiss, hand-shake, hug or any other welcoming gesture. This is yet another way the German government is trying to lower the spread of the virus.

Sex workers are prohibited from offering oral services – since the Coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets, the women are not allowed to offer oral or any other type of face-to-face services. Additionally, the clients must be notified about these limited services when the details of the session are discussed.

Women who work from apartments need to disinfect the room after each session – women who wish to work from private apartments, laufhauses or those who use a room in a studio need to clean the rooms after each session. The rooms need to be equipped with waste disposal bags, hand disinfectants, clean towels and bed sheets and liquid soap. Additionally after the session is over, all surfaces that were touched need to be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants and the rooms left to be ventilated for at least 15 minutes.

Sex workers and clients need to take a shower before and after the session – one of the requirements by the hygiene concept is that both the clients and the sex workers need to take a shower before the session starts, as well as once it’s over. In addition to this, the clothes that were worn during the session need to be washed immediately afterwards.

Sex workers need to keep their clients’ contact data for 4 weeks after the session – the reason why women are required to write down their clients’ contact data is to be able to trace back infection chains if necessary.

As you can see, there are some very drastic rules in this German hygiene concept. Although the rules might seem drastic at first, these are great countermeasures to fight the Coronavirus. For the full list of restrictions, be sure to check out the official document that contains all of the hygiene concept rules in Germany now!

Parting words

The German government has put forward this hygiene concept not long ago and it might be in effect very soon. Currently, Vienna doesn’t have any similar laws to this. The German government seems to be very strict about rules during the pandemic, while the Austrian government is much more liberal about it.

We will have to wait and see if these rules are going to be put into motion or if they will just remain a concept. For more interesting and informative sex club news, start browsing our blog and read some other entries that have been published!

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