COVID-19 effects on Viennese prostitution

The COVID-19 disease has taken the world by surprise and it has hugely affected a lot of peoples’ lives. Not only did many people lose their jobs, or had their businesses closed because of the virus, but the Corona Virus also managed to halt whole industries. Some of the industries that have been heavily affected by the virus all around the world are the entertainment industry, travel, and legalized prostitution among many others. What changes had to be introduced because of this worldwide pandemic in 2020? Read on to find out everything about the COVID-19 disease in Vienna and how it affected the prostitution business in the city!

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How did Vienna react to the virus?

When the Corona Virus first started to spread around the world, the Viennese government decided that the best course of action is to keep social interactions to a minimum. In order to make this happen, all clubs, entertainment venues and legally operated sex clubs had to stop doing business for the time being. Additionally, most airway travel has been cancelled and the country borders have been closed. People have been urged to practice social distancing, to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly, wear face masks when they need to go outside and to keep a distance of at least 1 metre from one another. Other regulations included cancelled public transportation lines, the closure of most parks and recreational facilities, as well as most events being cancelled.

What are the consequences of the Corona Virus in Vienna?

As a result of all sex clubs being closed, many of the women who worked in Vienna through legal means had to stop doing business. Because of social distancing, the women are no longer able to meet with their clients, which means that they are not able to make money. Some of the women stayed in Vienna and started using up their savings, while others simply travelled back to their home country with the first opportunity they got. Others who couldn’t or wouldn’t choose any of the previous scenarios started working illegally from private apartments. This is a huge problem as it not only encourages illegal prostitution, but it also doesn’t help with the spread of the virus. In addition to this, the women who are caught working illegally face huge fines. On the other hand, some women stayed away from illegal prostitution and they instead try working online.

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What is the COVID-19 situation in Vienna now?

Over the last couple of months, the Corona Virus situation in Vienna has become much better and as a result of this, some regulations have been lifted, while others are still waiting to be approved. Although all sex clubs and other similar establishments and services are still halted, the women who wish to work legally in the city are slowly being allowed to visit Viennese doctors in order to receive their health books. These health books are necessary for legal work in Vienna, as they show that the sex worker is not infected with any sexually transmitted diseases. Additionally, according to information that has been confirmed by officials, brothels and other adult entertainment venues will be allowed to open their businesses starting from July 1st.

However, many other regulations have been erased as a result of the Corona Virus situation getting better. For example, public transportation is working again and many museums and other recreational facilities are allowed to open up. Some cafes and restaurants are also allowed to do business, however people can only use the tables and not the bar area, everybody has to wear face masks and needs to maintain at least 1 metre of distance between people who are not members of the same household.

Summary of the effects of COVID-19 disease on Vienna

Although the Corona Virus has hit Vienna hard, like most other big cities around the world, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We think that the situation is getting better and that we can soon start getting back to our old routines. Although the date at which sex clubs will be allowed to open again is July 1st, we cannot say for sure if something will happen until then. Hopefully not and we can start enjoying the opportunities offered by the city again. Until then, we will make sure post any updates that we stumble upon. Until we can show you something new, you might be interested in reading some of our previously posted articles here on the Sex Club Wien blog!

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