Latest news regarding the Vienna prostitution scene

Since the Coronavirus outbreak initially started, Vienna hasn’t been the same as it was before. There have been numerous cautionary laws put into effect in order to lower the chance of more people getting infected with the COVID-19 disease.

Sex Work in Vienna

These laws have been successful at lowering the spread of the virus, but they have introduced a set of new problems that are currently ravaging the Vienna prostitution scene. We have previously covered the most important things that have happened in the city, and this time we are showing you some of the latest news. If you want to learn more about the current state of the Vienna prostitution scene, continue reading now!

Women are allowed to take their health checks for legal work

One of the big news that we have received is the fact that last month women who wish to continue working in Vienna legally have been allowed to start taking their health tests. These health tests have always been mandatory for every legally working prostitute in the city, but it has been halted for a while because of the Coronavirus.

As the situation with the virus outbreak is starting to get better, the Viennese government has allowed the ladies to take their tests again. These tests are necessary in order to show that the prostitute isn’t infected with any sexually transmitted diseases and all legally working ladies have to take it multiple times per year.

Allowing the women to go through with the tests is a huge step forward to once again allowing ladies to work legally in the city. This is also great because it means that they are going to be allowed to start working again very soon. This takes us to the next big update that we want to notify you about.

Viennese sex clubs can open again from July 1

We’ve already read and heard rumours about when all sex club Vienna can start working again, but these have only been rumours so far. However, there has been an official announcement not long ago, in which the re-opening of all sex clubs and similar establishments has been allowed starting from July 1.

This is a huge thing, as all establishments of this calibre have been closed for a few months now. This means that not only can the ladies start working very soon, but also that clients can start traveling to Vienna again and enjoying the prostitution scene that is on offer. Of course, there are certainly going to be a few things that change, but hopefully the Coronavirus hasn’t left a huge scar on the prostitution scene in Vienna.

Coronavirus news from around the world

Naturally, the Coronavirus isn’t just a threat in Austria. In fact, the prostitution scene has been damaged by the virus all over the world and many new laws have been put into effect as a result of it.

For example, in Germany there is a new hygiene concept that has been brought up in order to battle the spread of the virus. This hygiene concept would make it mandatory to wear face masks throughout a meeting, the women couldn’t offer oral services and they would need to keep their clients’ contact information for up to four weeks. In case you wish to learn more about this hygiene concept, be sure to check out the previous article that we have published on the subject!

Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be any laws of this sort in Vienna, and the government seems to be very flexible when it comes to these types of things. Hopefully, we are not going to see a similar hygiene concept in Vienna anytime soon.

Parting words

As you can see, we are heading in the right direction in Vienna and we hope that everything can get back to normal starting from July 1. Only time can tell if there will be consequences of the Coronavirus on the prostitution scene in Vienna. Hopefully nothing drastic will be introduced as a result and we can get back to the Vienna prostitution scene that we all love so much.

We hope that all of our readers are healthy and well and that they are waiting the reopening of sex clubs in Vienna as much as we do. Until we can report on some of the latest news regarding Vienna sex clubs, go ahead and read some of the articles that we have previously published!

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