Many Brothels Struggle During the Coronavirus Crisis

Demonstration for the Reopening of Brothels in Hamburg

Brothel operators and prostitutes from all over Germany decided to demonstrate in Hamburg for the reopening of brothels. This happened on Saturday, July 11th when 400 people showed up. This public protest was known by the police beforehand.

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Their main argument was that many other body-related services reopened while brothels are still closed. Tattoo studios, hairdressers and massage salons are all working. Not only that, but neighboring countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Belgium all gave a green sign to erotic and sexual services. 

Coronavirus Brothel Regulations in Thuringia

In Thuringen, all brothels and swinger clubs are currently closed according to a report on July 10th. The Thuringian Corona Ordinance has made the decision that all facilities related to prostitution must be closed until August 31. Brothels try to develop new hygiene concepts in hopes of reopening before this set date.

By taking a range of anti-corona precautions seriously, such businesses would be able to function during the crisis. The considerations about reopening brothels will be evaluated by the court. The problem is that the court is in doubt about the effectiveness of these measures so far.

After all, sexual services require physical closeness which should not be allowed due to the high risk of infection. There is no general protection concept that can properly counteract this danger. During the intercourse, the danger of being infected is always there.

However, offering sexual services outside the brothels is not prohibited at all in Thuringia.

Is Sex with Face Mask on Not Allowed?

As reported on July 10th, there are no brothels currently working in Munich, people looking for brothels need to look elsewhere. In Trudering, they did their best to keep the sex club named Caesar’s World open. There, everything was prepared in accordance with the current coronavirus regulations.

There were certain instructions to follow, while the clients also need to wear masks and keep distance. Before entering, everyone got their body temperature measured and their hands had to be disinfected as well. All the guests got a free, one-use face mask they need to wear and then hand it back once they are done with the lady of their choice.

At Caesar’s World, they had 50 masks that were all numbered. This way, they were able to keep track of how many clients are in the brothel. The maximum was also set to 50 in respect to the coronavirus regulations.

Brothels are Currently Struggling with Their Expenses

Unfortunately, this brothel has been closed in mid-March due to the coronavirus crisis. This was really bad news for Jürgen G., the owner of Caesar’s World who ended up in the worst spot financially. Currently, the brothel is kept alive with the help of aid loans.

Rent costs about 60,000 Euros per month, not to mention all the ancillary costs. It is a hard time for brothels, as these places get no compassion at all from politicians. It is an industry that is still despised by many and helping them out comes with no advantage for the influential people up there. As a result, the whole business is slowly disappearing.

Prostitutes Arrange Clients Outside Brothels

Prostitutes are handling their clients mainly in hotels and apartments instead of working in brothels. Despite the coronavirus, there are always going to be women who need or want to make money like this. Many of them returned home, while others are still in Munich looking for clients.

They are forced to offer their services whether it’s allowed in their area or not. However, the restricted areas cover much of the city. The prostitutes that decided to stay usually initiate their dates using the Internet. Although they can work outside, massages are allowed and saunas open, the brothels still have to be locked.

What Jürgen G. is afraid of the most is that prostitutes will follow this new model. They are going to continue working outside, falling right into the traps of dubious men. They are not safe outside the brothel where they fall under the influence of pimps.

Follow the Current COVID Situation in Vienna

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During the coronavirus, it is important to keep track about the latest measures and precautions. This allows everyone to visit a Vienna brothel fully prepared and to minimize the risk of getting infected.


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