Former owner of Paradise in Stuttgart convicted

Not too long ago, a raid on sexclub Paradise in Stuttgart has been executed by the local authorities. The former owner of Paradise has been apprehended and convicted by the Federal Court of Justice. Jürgen Rudloff, the 64 year old sexclub owner has been sentenced to two years in prison on probation. According to the judge, the former owner of Paradise has helped with human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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Charges against the former owner of Paradise

According to our sources, Jürgen Rudloff has been sentenced to two years of imprisonment, on the charges of promoting serious human trafficking, ill treatment of prostitutes, pimping and fraud. Sources also indicate that there have been many women under the age of 21 who worked at the sexclub. Allegedly, the girls who worked at Paradise have been forced into submission with beatings and threats.

The former owner of Paradise has been in custody since September 2017 and he has only recently been sentenced. The owner has been convicted, as well as three of his employees. The brothel’s press and marketing director, and the former managing director of sexclub Paradise in Stuttgart has been brought to court.

Paradise – The Mega Brothel

Jürgen Rudloff actually starred in a documentary about sexclub Paradise entitled “The Mega Brothel”. In this movie, he talks about how his business is fully legal and that he only supplies the rooms and the wellness facilities to the girls and the customers who go to Paradise. Unfortunately, recent events show that this is not true and that the whole production was only to boost the reputation of the sexclub.

Paradise owner convicted


The former owner of Paradise and his employees’ trials will not end until next year. According to our sources, their trials are still ongoing and nobody knows what the end result will be. As for the sexclub, we will have to wait and see what the future holds for Paradise. We will keep our readers updated on anything new that happens regarding this legal dispute.

2019 Update:

The latest news that we have about the Paradise trial is that the former owner can face up to five years of imprisonment, while his co-workers can get up to three years in prison. The final verdict on the trial will be announced at the end of February. So far, this trial has had 55 hearings and is expected to end soon.


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