Cult Leader wants to open Doll sexclub in California

Unicult is a self-proclaimed feminist cult that is trying to launch an unusual business. The leader of this cult wants to open the first doll sexclub, where the clients should receive consent from the “artificial sex workers”. The first attempt to open a “robot sexclub” was in Huston, but the business was shut down because the city council voted a law in order to prevent this idea to be developed. Currently, in Huston it is illegal to have sexual intercourse with mechanical devices in local businesses.

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The sex robots must give their consent before the intercourse

The most intriguing fact is that Eve’s Robot Dreams approaches the same idea but from another angle. To put it another way, the clients will be able to have sex with a robot only if the “sex robot” agrees. The main sex-bot of “Eve’s Robot Dreams” will be Harmony, a model of Real Doll X. She is an intelligent robot, so the users have to warm her up through interesting conversations. Another astonishing  aspect is that clients have to obtain “conversational points” with Harmony before she gives her consent. Unicorn has stated there are two ways the clients can obtain points. One option is to date Harmony at Eve’s Robot Dreams. The other way is to have private conversation using an app that Unicorn is about to launch on the market. Unicole Unicron’s YouTube channel provides a lot of videos where the users are learned how to negotiate the robot’s consent.

People are still skeptical regarding this business

According to Blay Whitby, who is a famous technology ethicist and a philosopher, it is impossible for the robots to give their consent. Nowadays, it is known that technology only allows the robots to be programmed. This is just an attempt to imitate the human mind. BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health has published a report on this topic. It is considered that increased sexual activity with a robot may damage the interpersonal relationships between people. Unicron considers this report has nothing to do with the reality. The company’s role is to make people happy and to help them explore their sexuality. Some potential clients have received this idea in a positive way. They consider this is the future and sex with robots will make the life easier.

Unicult is a community that contains another eight sub-sects, including 3V3 (Eve). The members of these sects are focused on what their leader calls matriarchal change. Unicult considers that this “consent system” will help people to treat the others as they wish to be treated. Unicorn is afraid that if the artificial intelligence becomes smarter than us, the robots will be angry to find out that we have been taking advantage of them this whole time. This in another important reason why the sex- robots should give us their approval.

The clients have the possibility to take the robots’ “virginity”

Unicole Unicron, the leader of Unicult has declared the clients must pay $10,000 to take a sex robot’s virginity at the doll sexclub. This offer wasn’t successful yet. She believes this service is a great opportunity for the technology-enthusiasts. Unicole Unicron thinks these kind of sexclubs are the best solution for the persons who want to question the world and its realities. At this moment, Unicorn’s fund raising campaign didn’t have the expected results. They managed to raise just $2,659 from their $155,000 target. Although there are a lot of persons who don’t share her points of view, Unicorn considers her sexclub can be a powerful force for a social change. She believes that sex with robots could even reduce deviant behavior among men. There are a lot of persons who believe this technology has the potential to change the way humans think. Unicult believes that we are ALL ONE and together we can live happily in a Utopian paradise. Relbotix is the company who programmed “Harmony” and they say this sex robot provides amazing experiences to the customers.


Although this idea sounds unreal, the opinions regarding this topic are split. There are some persons who consider that this type of doll sexclub can stop human exploitation. Everybody is free to do anything, as long as nobody is harmed. Sex with robots can be a new trend and many people expressed their curiosity. On the other hand, this type of sex could damage the relationship between men and women. The scientists consider this kind of business harmful for mankind. One thing is clear: this subject creates controversies and we are eager to see how this situation will evolve.

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