Couple who owned a secret sexclub in Cambodia was arrested

The authorities have arrested a couple who owned a massage shop in Phnom Penh’s Tuol Kork district, where they were offering sexual services. Sok Sothea is an officer who works for anti-human trafficking and juvenile protection department. He has declared that the persons responsible for this illegal activity are Sok Ratana and his wife Duong Sreypov. The police arrested the couple on Tuesday, 8 January, at 8 PM. After a raid inside the massage salon, the district police and the prosecutor decided to shut down the business. It was discovered the couple was running an illegal sexclub.

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The location was presented as a massage salon, but the prostitution was actually the real deal. All the masseuses who were employed, used to have sex with the clients. The customers were paying around $30 per session for these sexual experiences. Sok Ratana and Duong Sreypov took approximately $10 from each masseuse.

The police have zero tolerance for this business

The authorities declared that anti-human trafficking department sent two undercover police officers to the location before the raid. They pretended they were two businessmen who want some “action”. According to the evidences collected by those policemen, the court was able to issue an arrest warrant for the couple.

During the raid, several masseuses were caught having sexual intercourse with the clients. Everybody was arrested – the owners, the clients and the masseuses. The police have declared that five masseuses were arrested. An interesting fact is that two girls were minors.

The couple could stay up to five years behind bars because of these illegal activities. Pol Phiethey, the chief of the anti-human trafficking and juvenile protection department has declared that they have enough evidence and the persons involved will pay for their actions. The trial will be held at Phnom Penh Municipal Court.

These disguised massage parlors will be shut down by the authorities

It is known that prostitution is a productive business, so a lot of persons try to transform massage parlors into secret sexclubs. Although the risks are huge, the amount of money that can be made in a short period is very attractive for the owners. The authorities decided to identify and shut down all these disguised massage parlors.

It is known that there are a lot of women trafficked for sexual exploitation and the police will take all the necessary measures in order to reduce and stop this phenomenon. The requirements to open a massage shop are easy to be accomplished and this is the reason why there were opened a lot of business in the last years.


Prostitution was all the time an easy modality to make money, so this is the main reason why different persons attempt to cheat the authorities through these massage parlors. Everybody is curious to see how things will evolve and if the police will be able to track all those illegal sexclubs.


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