Disappointed brothel visitor draws gun on prostitute in Frankfurt

A man who drew a gun on a prostitute in a Frankfurt brothel after an unsatisfactory performance eight years ago now faces trial for his previous actions. The man was recently identified because of another legal case and now he has been brought to court. If you want to learn the finer details of the story, be sure to keep reading the article.

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The incident happened eight years ago in a Frankfurt brothel

According to reports, the incident happened more than eight years ago in a brothel in Voltastrasse, in Frankfurt. The now 47-year-old suitor visited the brothel and met with the then 27-year-old prostitute for a session. He initially paid with a 100 euro bill and was given back 20 euros as change. However, after an unsatisfactory session, he presumably drew a golden revolver, pointed it at the prostitute and demanded his money back. The girl gave him the 100 euro bill back and the man fled the scene with 120 euros in his pocket.

How was the man identified after eight years?

After the incident, the police collected traces of sperm from the girl’s clothing and the condom that was used, however they were not able to find a match; until now. Recently, because of another unrelated legal case, the man supplied saliva samples that the police were able to match to the eight year old cold case. Apparently, the man had forgotten about this incident ever happening and didn’t think it would come back to haunt him.

The man who drew a gun in the brothel pledges innocent

When asked in court about his side of the story, the man told a completely different tale. According to him, he was actually the victim of the story. He said that the woman in question advertised certain services that were deceiving and that she lied about them. When he arrived, he was offered a quick session for 50 euros, which he paid. Apparently, the man paid with a 100 euro bill and was told to leave without getting any services or money in return.

the entrance of the jury where the man, who brung a gun into a brothel, was sentenced
  • The Frankfurter Neue Presse published an article that we based our publication on. If you want to read the full German article about the incident, be sure to click on the link now.

Other brothel incidents that happened recently

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This is a clear example of why you should know how to behave when visiting a brothel. Knowing the non-written rules in a sex club will make your visit a safer and more enjoyable experience. At the same time, it is also a great example of karma working its magic.

The man did not think something that he did eight years ago would come back to get him, but now he faces charges for something that he had long forgotten. Knowing what you can and should do when visiting prostitutes is of the utmost importance. And this should go without saying, but you should NEVER bring a gun to a brothel or any other type of establishment for that matter. As you can clearly see from this incident, only problems can arise from something like that.

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