Non written rules in a sex club

Man in a dark suitsWhen you visit a sex club, you must be aware of some non-written rules. If you break them, you will surely feel uncomfortable. But you also can find yourself facing with the police.

Be clean

Whenever you enter a high-standard sex club, obviously you have to be clean and well-groomed. If you smell with sweat wearing dirty clothes, you surely will be kept out of the bar. Probably certain places have their own dress code too but it will be a topic in a different article.

Most of the best sex club want gentlemen who don’t do any aggro and know how to behave in a good club. If you have a bad day and you are upset, you should choose another day for the visit. When you are calm, free from any anger, you are welcome in any sex club.

Don’t be a racist

Since most Viennese sex clubs have international clientele and girls, you shouldn’t say anything that refers to racism. These clubs are public places and open for everyone of any race. Since many sex clubs have bouncers, you can easily find yourself out of the club.

Naturally you don’t have the right to insult the fellow clients, the girls or the staff members for any reason. If you are a fierce person, you had better to stay away from these sex clubs because you will be sent away.

Weapons are prohibited

Of course any kind of weapons are prohibited on you. In most of the places it doesn’t happen too often. However in low-standard bars with Balkanese clientele may face the problem. Keeping weapons with you is illegal and if it is found, you can be absolutely sure that the police will be called. Obviously you don’t want to face these kinds of problems mentioned above. But you wish to enjoy the service of these nice places and if you are a gentleman you won’t break any of these non-written rules while visiting a sex club in Wien.

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