Sex Bar Téte-A-Téte bankrupt after owner’s death

Sex bar Téte-A-Téte has been operational successfully for more than 35 years at Löhrgasse 11 in the 15th district of Vienna. However, the bar might face bankruptcy and it maybe has to be closed down after the owner’s death that happened previously this year. Read on to learn more about the situation at Téte-A-Téte now!

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Sex Bar Téte-A-Téte might be closed for good

According to our sources, sex bar Téte-A-Téte might be facing bankruptcy. The business hasn’t been as successful as it previously was since the original owner’s death. Now the bar might need to be closed down because of lack of clients and monetary problems.

Peter Mitschkoff, the previous owner of the bar has successfully kept his business operational for many years, although most sex bars and clubs in the area have closed down. However, now that he is no longer the mastermind behind the operation, the bar might need to be closed down.

Sex Bar Téte-A-Téte might be closed for good

More about Peter Mitschkoff’s death

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Sex Bar Téte-A-Téte might not be able to operate any longer without the expert leadership of the original owner. According to our sources, it is just a matter of time before the club goes bankrupt and they have to close the establishment once and for all. At the time of writing this article, Téte-A-Téte is still open, but this might change soon.

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