Placido Domingo

Contact with a sex trafficking group is one of Plácido Domingo’s reported offenses

Plácido Domingo, a famous Spanish opera singer, has been connected to a Buenos Aires gang by Argentine investigators. Among other things, this is held accountable for illicit prostitution, including with children.

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Approximately 50 police raids on the “BA Group,” which operated behind the doors of the yoga studio “Buenos Aires Yoga School,” were reportedly conducted last week, according to Argentine media sources. 19 persons were detained during the raids, and some objects were taken.

Reported tape recordings of Domingo’s voice supposedly being captured in phone recordings are the focus of the news. Based on this, he has asked for sexual services as a “client” a few years ago from a lady named “Mendy” who worked for the criminal organization.

It should be clear in the recordings how the male describes the anticipated sexual experience. He wanted to meet the woman secretly, therefore he intended to sneak away from the restaurant. In another tape, “Mendy” can be heard congratulating Juan Percowicz, the accused mastermind of the criminal organization, on how well things went. There should be a reference to Plácido.

Sexual assault accusations

Plácido Domingo has already been charged with sexual harassment as part of the #MeToo movement by a lot of women. Twenty women in total had accused Domingo of molesting, forcing kisses, and/or touching them without their permission. The instances first appeared in the 1980s.

Media sources claim that for a while Domingo’s actions remained unpunished because he appeared invincible as one of the biggest opera performers in the world. At first, Domingo dismissed the accusations, saying that all of his sex acts and relationships were “always welcoming and consenting.”

Domingo admitted his error of judgment and expressed regret to the affected ladies in 2020.

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