BREAKING NEWS: Termingirls in Vienna closed

Termingirls in Vienna is a copy of the successful German Termingirls business model. It also resembles Residenz, which is located in Brunn am Gebirge, a bit outside of Vienna. Residenz is the somewhat less successful, but still relevant club that houses porngirls in the wider Vienna area.

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Termingirls was opened on November 2, in Vösendorf, which is just a few hundred meters outside of Vienna in a busy shopping area. They opened with a handful of girls, but after a few days, only one was still there. Two weeks later, Termingirls in Vienna closed. They posted a “Coming Soon” message on their website, which confirms that they closed shop.

termingirls coming soon

The reason why people didn’t go to Termingirls in Vienna might have been because it was a bit too expensive. The base prices were already high, and on top of that the girls were asking extra for things like kissing and OWO. There is a long list of services that the girls offered, but everything was extra. In Germany, the base price includes most extras and they have basically the identical lineup of girls.

Who is behind all of this?

In all likelihood, this is the same group of people who tried to run Club Imperial in Ebendorferstraße 5, 1010 Wien. When they failed, they tried to establish Shakti massages there and failed once again. Currently, they are running Erotik Massage Malisha at the same location. Malisha is also barely surviving, even though some of the ladies claim to be making okay money there. The concept of a club that’s a hybrid between massage and sex with model-like girls is terrific. However, in practice they failed to make it a success so far.

So, what do you think? Is this the end of the Termingirls porn concept in Vienna, or will they try again? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on the subject. As always, we will keep our readers posted as new information emerges.

UPDATE: The “Coming Soon” message is no longer visible on the website. Right now, the website redirects visitors to a new establishment that is set to open in the same location where Termingirls was. The new establishment is called Tanuru and it is a massage parlor. According to the website, Tanuru will open on November 30.

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