Sexworker Girl Nationalities in Vienna

Many sexworker girls with different nationalities can be found in the Vienna sex scene, but it could be a lot more diverse than it is now. We would like to see more real Asian girls, or true Latinas from South or Central America. Unfortunately, the law dictates otherwise and we’ve got to make do with what we’ve got. Only girls that are European citizens or those who have a permanent VISA can work in Vienna. Every sexworker in Vienna needs a green health book that shows they are STD-free too. If you want to read about the laws on prostitution in Austria, check out this Wikipedia page.

Sex Job in Wien

Currently, there are a few different sexworker nationalities in Vienna that you’ll encounter. The ladies are mostly from Austria’s neighboring and other European countries, but you can sometimes find a girl from an exotic place too. In this article, you can read more about the different nationalities that you’ll find in Vienna. We will also list the pros and cons that you can expect from these girls. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the sexworker nationalities in Vienna, shall we?

Romanian sexworkers

Romanian girls in Vienna’s sex scene are very common. You will inevitably encounter Romanian sexworkers, regardless of which sexclub or studio you choose to visit. They are the most popular amongst the sexworker nationalities in Vienna when it comes to numbers. Fortunately, they are a hardworking and generally good looking category of ladies.

Most Romanian girls leave their home country to make money. They are prostitutes by choice, which can also be seen in their services. Generally, Romanian girls work hard to make as much money as they can. And they can make a lot, especially since Romanian girls are usually super-sexy.

The Pros of Romanian sexworkers

  • Many Romanian girls work in Viennese sex clubs.
  • Generally hard working ladies.
  • They don’t leave after a few days – Romanian girls tend to stay for months in a sexclub if they like the work conditions and the amount of money they make.
  • Romanian sexworkers learn German and English easier because of their Latin heritage.

The Cons of Romanian sexworkers

  • Many Romanian girls have the same bodily and facial features, which can get boring after a while.
  • If you’re not interested in a Romanian girl, you will have to send many away in sexclubs or saunaclubs. This is because of the large number of Romanian girls that work in Vienna.

If you want to read more about Romanian girls, we have found an old post on Maxim Wien’s blog about the subject. Click here to read the full post in 5 different languages.

Hungarian sexworkers

There are numerous Hungarian beauties that work in Vienna. They are good looking and generally offer good services. Hungarian girls are stereotypically short tempered, especially the newcomers. Their bodily features can easily rival any other nationality, as they are known to be gorgeous creatures.

Geographically, Hungary is pretty close to Vienna, so there are quite a few Hungarian sexworkers in Wien. A few years ago, Hungarian girls dominated the Vienna sex scene, but Romanian ladies came in and changed the hierarchy. Now, girls from Hungary need to offer more to stay relevant compared to Romanian sexworkers. They also like to charge more for the same services – extra for AO is particularly popular.

The Pros of Hungarian sexworkers

  • Their beauty is one of their biggest advantages over other girls in Vienna.
  • Hungarian girls are good in the sack – they don’t just lie there motionless; they like to show their porn skills off.
  • Most Hungarian girls speak German, and English is not too hard to learn for them either.

The Cons of Hungarian sexworkers

  • Unlike Romanian girls, Hungarian sexworkers leave after a few days or weeks. They usually go back to Hungary to spend the money earned and come back when they want to work again.
  • Hungarian girls have a very short and hot temper. They have a hard time learning and obeying the rules.

Bulgarian sexworkers

Bulgarian girls are present in Vienna, but they are falling behind Hungarian and Romanian sexworkers in numbers. The reason why they are very welcome is because of their Slavic features. Many Bulgarian girls have dark hair and light skin color. Since Russian girls are not allowed to work in Vienna, Bulgarian ladies are the next best thing we’ve got. And since its better for Bulgarian girls to work in Vienna, it’s a win-win situation. Cafebabel posted an interesting piece about prostitution in Bulgaria. Here’s the link to the full article.

Bulgarian girls are exotic in their looks, as well as demeanor. They usually learn at least the local language, but it’s not rare to hear a Bulgarian girl speak English either. They are considered a good addition to the sex scene because of their different looks. Bulgarian girls are not similar to Romanian girls at all.

The Pros of Bulgarian sexworkers

  • They resemble Russian girls and girls from other nationalities that are not allowed to work in Vienna.
  • Bulgarian girls are exotic and very different from Romanian sexworkers.

The Cons of Bulgarian sexworkers

  • Less and less Bulgarian girls choose to work in Vienna – mainly because of how many Romanian girls there are.

Slovakian sexworkers

Slovakian girls are also very much adored in Vienna, but their numbers are getting fewer by each day. A lot more Slovakian girls used to work in Vienna, but since Romania and Bulgaria entered the European Union, their number has dropped surprisingly low.

There are a few Slovakian girls that work in Vienna’s sex clubs and saunaclubs as of 2017, but not that many. The girls that do work usually offer good services. Slovakian girls come to Vienna, as they can make a lot more money here than in their home country. It’s also way safer for them in Vienna. There’s an article about the risks of being a sexworker in Slovakia on The Slovak Spectator. Read the full article here.

The Pros of Slovakian sexworkers

  • Slovakian girls act differently than other sexworker nationalities. They are well-mannered and they work hard for the money they earn.
  • Most Slovakian girls are cute, so if that’s what you’re looking for, look for a sexworker from Slovakia.

The Cons of Slovakian sexworkers

  • Unfortunately, there is a dangerously low number of Slovakian girls working in Vienna. You can find them, but they are very rare.

Polish sexworkers

Last, but not least: Polish ladies. Due to the fact that Poland has a high educational standard, most Polish girls are well-mannered and smart.

There used to be more Polish girls in Vienna, but this is not the case anymore. The reason why you won’t see many Polish girls in Vienna is because Poland is in a similar financial status to Austria. Traveling to Vienna to work would only give them a slight economical advantage, which isn’t enough for the girls most of the time.

The Pros of Polish sexworkers

  • Polish girls are educated and they have good manners. They are also tall and elegant; something that can’t be said for Romanian girls.
  • Polish girls are also good sexworkers, as they have learned a thing or two from their kinky neighbors; the Germans.

The Cons of Polish sexworkers

  • Unfortunately, it’s not very plausible that we will see many Polish girls in Vienna anytime soon. It isn’t worth it for them to travel to Austria to work and they are not motivated by the money either.


With the current prostitution laws present, many sexworker nationalities in Vienna are not able to work as prostitutes. This is a huge bummer for us mongerers, but not all is lost. There are still some exquisite gems in the Vienna sex scene. Even though there are an overwhelming number of Romanian girls, you can still find other nationalities too. You just have to look in the right places; and that’s why we’re here! To supply our readers with the latest and best information about the sex scene in Vienna.

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