BREAKING NEWS: Okaybar is closed, other brothels follow

Recently, I stumbled across an article depicting the problems with FKK clubs and Saunaclubs. Only a month later, we can already see the predictions manifesting themselves, as a few brothels in Vienna closed without any sign of them being relevant ever again. The establishments that got closed or sold had huge traditions and have been successfully in business for decades. This might come as a surprise or a shock to many, but we saw it coming.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

Okaybar is closed

One of the most unexpected twists might be that Okaybar is closed. The club was recently renovated and it had a lot of potential, just to be suddenly shut down. We praised the brothel a couple of months ago, and it was considered to be one of the best brothels to work at. A fellow blog ranked it as the second best brothel for girls to work (after Maxim Wien).

Other establishments that are closed

Okaybar isn’t the only brothel that’s in a bad situation. There are multiple clubs and bars in Vienna that are not doing so well. The summer season wasn’t kind to the Vienna sex scene and it has worn down many clubs. Additionally, a few once successful establishments have been sold or simply shut down.

These are the brothels that have been closed down so far:

  • Club Café (2nd District)
  • VIP Bar (1st District)
  • Bar Téte-A-Téte
  • Club Royal in the 3rd District
  • Evebar

The 10 reasons for the sudden closing of these brothels

There are a handful of reasons why Okaybar and the other brothels got closed or sold. In the following section, we’re going to look at all the reasons why this could be happening to establishments in the Vienna sex scene.

  1. Similarly to what’s happening in Germany, FKKs are taking a lot of business away from smaller clubs.
  2. Smaller bars have a hard time finding and maintaining girls. Some girls do not like drinking alcohol (champagne and other drinks that are part of the girl-client meeting routine) and others simply do not even consider smaller brothels when looking for a job. Yet again, FKKs and Laufhauses are preferred by the ladies.
  3. In the summer, the sex business in Vienna is extremely low. This has taken a toll on most brothels; some more than others. The combination of not having girls and not having many customers is a classical vicious cycle.
  4. A large number of smaller clubs are not up-to-date with the latest marketing and branding techniques and standards. This is crucial in keeping a business alive and popular.
  5. Many nightclubs are operated by people who do not have a real business background. These people know about the red light industry, but are not caught up on the latest trends. A lot of things changed in the last decade and business is done differently in the 21st They are unable to adapt to the changes and this is ultimately their downfall.
  6. More often than not, smaller clubs do not know how to successfully use customer and girl retention. This means that they do not treat their customers or working girls well.
  7. Smaller clubs can get very greedy. When they do get a client, they rip them off and try to strip the customer of all of his money. This is done regardless if the client had a good or bad experience, only the money matters. If a customer had a good time, most often he won’t complain about the money that he spent.
  8. Many mongers are afraid of getting scammed at smaller clubs. Before they head out, they do some online research and choose a more reputable brothel instead. Most of the brothels that are in a bad situation have little-to-no internet visibility, online presence or reputation. As a result of this, they cannot communicate with their customers as effectively.
  9. The “red-light feel” is too much in some of these smaller brothels. People are over this and they expect a more elegant and straightforward design. This is also true for the furniture that is used in these clubs and bars.
  10. Many a time, the owners of such smaller establishments are involved in shady dealings. Their shady nature peaks the police’s interested, which can make their business life difficult. Bigger clubs that follow the rules obviously do not have those problems at all.

Are all Viennese brothels affected by this?

The short answer is no. Even though most brothels, clubs and bars in Vienna have been affected by the dry summer season, only smaller clubs are in a bad situation. For example, Maxim Wien and Babylon are unharmed by all those reasons because they defy them.

This can be easily avoided by following a clean business model and caring about the customers and girls alike. Still, there are a few brothels that continued using shady tactics, such as Evebar and their taxi scam. Read the full article that was published on the Sex-Vienna blog about their previous scam. They have also closed shop over the summer season.


Seeing how FKKs and Saunaclubs have overtaken the German prostitution scene, one must speculate if this is what Vienna is going to look like. Currently, this is not the case, as only smaller and less-known brothels have been affected by the situation. Reputable places are able to keep up with the heat and are not having problems with what’s currently happening in Wien. We will keep our readers updated on anything new and crucial that might unfold from this.

Until next time, keep calm and keep on mongering, my friends.

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