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5 Things That Will Make a Girl in a Sex Club Dislike You

Sex clubs are a good place to relax and have fun, but these places also have their own etiquette. If you visit a premium club, you should also take care of these rules, unless you want to be completely ignored by the girls.

Sex Work in Vienna

In the best places in Vienna (and around the world), the ladies also judge the clients and act accordingly. If you look like a cheap or disrespectful person, it is at the very least likely that the girls won’t take care of you. In the worst case, you can find yourself quickly outside the building because the security guards’ primary task is to protect the ladies of the club. And if you harass them with annoying things, no one will let you do it for long.

So, let’s check which are the “don’ts” that you should never try in a premium night club.

How Not to Behave in a Sex Club

1. Never Say “Maybe Later”

In a sex club, the ladies will try to catch your interest by smiling at you, dancing for you, or starting a conversation. This is the normal behavior of the girls, and this is how classic sex clubs work.

It can happen that you are not interested in a particular sex worker; in this case, just be polite and tell her that you are looking for someone else. She will understand, as it is totally normal that tastes are different. But if you try lying or say “maybe later,” it will be a clear sign to the girls that you don’t know what you want, and it is better to avoid you. Saying “maybe later” can frustrate the ladies a lot because it sounds like you think they are stupid and will believe your fake words.

If a sex worker is a newbie, it is possible that she has not enough experience and will believe in you and try to contact you a few times in the evening again. This is not fair to her; it is better to tell her if you are not interested. On the other hand, it will put stress on you to lie to her again, totally ruining your evening.

2. Never Use Your Phone

Of course, you can get your phone for a short call or check your emails, but these things don’t need too much time. However, if the girls see that you use your phone all evening and don’t pay any attention to them, they will soon neglect you.

It is also very impolite behavior if you go to a place and totally neglect the people around you, using your phone all night. If you can’t live without your handy, then it is better if you sit down in a fast-food restaurant. Night clubs are for having fun with the ladies and relaxing.

3. Never Try to Negotiate the Prices

Classic night clubs have fixed prices, and you can discuss the extra services with the ladies. But this doesn’t mean that you are allowed to negotiate them. If you try to get the services for a cheaper price, your reputation will be destroyed in a few seconds, and you will be treated as a cheap guy afterwards. And in a top club, the ladies don’t want to deal with cheap guests because such sex workers can be found in the worst studios only.

It can happen that the girl simply leaves you alone without answering your words for the negotiation. In such cases, you will not be able to get her back, even if you would like to pay the fixed prices. Most of the ladies have a lot of experience with customers, and they know that if you looked cheap at the beginning, then they can’t expect much from you.

A worse behavior is if you complain about the services being expensive. As we mentioned, the best places use a fixed price schema, which is written in stone. If you don’t want to pay such amounts, you can freely leave the place, and no one will blame you. But if you are loud or use disrespectful words, then the security guards will escort you out of the place.

4. Never Treat the Girls Like a Piece of Flesh

This is the worst behavior that you can even try in a night club: treating the girls like a piece of flesh that can be bought on the market for money.

It is true that the ladies work for money, but people do the same in all professions. But this does not mean that you have the right to look down on her or give her orders. Having sex in a classic nightclub is a two-way partnership, where the lady gives you her best, and you enjoy the service.

Of course, you can participate in an SM course, where things can be played harder. But you should not forget that BDSM is some kind of acting, where your domina plays a role, and you should never use real violence. Hurting the ladies deliberately and forcing them to do something against their will is prohibited in all countries, including Austria. If you are caught doing such things, then you might face prosecution as well.

5. Never Try to Give Life Advice to the Girls

There are many reasons why a girl is working in a sex club. It can be for fun, money, or even for sexual satisfaction. The ladies are different, and each of them has their own background.

You must respect their private lives and don’t ask questions about their reasons for working in the sex industry. It is even worse if you try to “save” the girl from the world of paid sex or want to give her life advice.

This is completely disrespectful behavior, and it might happen that the girl will leave you alone very soon. And then you won’t have any chance to get her attention again, even if you would like to pay for her services.

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