Weekly Sex Club Review Week 2

2016 is barely at its beginning and we’re curious as to what the future holds for the pay sex scene of Vienna. Are you curious as well?

Sex Work in Vienna

We’ll try our best to keep you informed with the newest details regarding Vienna’s sex scene.

With these thoughts in mind, it’s time to move onto the brothels we’ll review: Maxim Wien, Laufhaus Vienna, Laufhaus Rosi and Laufhaus Rachel. In time, we’ll take other sex clubs under review as well.

Maxim Wien


Two new beautiful girls have joined Maxim’s lineup – Eva and Michelle. Since the winter holidays are over, girls will keep coming back to Maxim (this applies to other brothels as well). However, Maxim has introduced a new feature on its site that shows when a girl will return.


Eva from Vienna Brothel Maxim Wien


The newest addition to Maxim’s lineup, Eva, is a lovely brunette with an amazing body. Eva has a slender body and a pair of beautiful but small tits. In the photos from the Maxim gallery a small tattoo in her private area is visible.


Michelle from Vienna Brothel Maxim Wien

Another brunette has landed in Maxim – Michelle. She’s 22 years old and from Romania. Michelle has a slim body, a very sexy expression and last but not least a beautiful smile. The pictures on Maxim’s Gallery are well done and complete, showing Michelle in lingerie as well as showing her great ass and tits.

Laufhaus Vienna, Rachel and Rosi

It feels like we haven’t talked about LH Vienna, Rachel or Rosi in a while now. True, it has been a while but we’re almost certain they haven’t changed their modus operandi of tagging a girl as “new” instead of “returned”.

During our Weekly Sex Club Reviews from last year we hardly found any girls that are truly new in these Laufhauses. Check for yourself our full list of Weekly Sex Club Reviews here: http://sexclubwien.com/category/weekly-sex-club-reviews/.

Laufhaus Vienna


40 girls are occupying LH Vienna’s rooms at the moments, with 6 girl advertised as “new”. 3 girls are announced as soon available – Amira, Irina and Bettina; as well as 9 currently on leave – Alexandra, Shakira, Valentina, Beatrice, Isabell, Delia, Jojo, Emma and Melisa.

The “new” girls in LH Vienna are: Tiffany, Celine, Selina, Loryn, Miruna and Samira.

We’ve compiled a collage of Tiffany, Celine and Selina:

collage, tiffany,celina, selina

As well as one for the remaining 3 girls: Loryn, Miruna and Samira:

samira, miruna, lorina, collage

Laufhaus Rachel


LH Rachel currently has a total of 17 girls, out of which 3 are presented as being “new”. 2 more girls are announced as “soon available” – Anabelle and Audrey as well as 10 are listed as “currently on leave – away” – Daniela, Maria, Andrea, Betty, Raisa, Alexa Fetishs, Anita, Rebeca, Kim and Lili.

The girls that LH Rachel are passing as “new” are – Rebeka, Alexa and Emma. All three girls have a collection of pretty good photos, as it can be seen from our collage here:

collage, Rebeka, Alexa and Emma

Laufhaus Rosi


The last laufhaus on our list is LH Rosi which has 16 girls available, with 8 girls listed as “new”. 6 more girls are “soon” available in LH Rosi: Karina, Kerol, Katja, Diana, Katarina and Michelle

The 8 “new” girls in LH Rosi are: Aisha, Queen, Dunja, Victoria (whose face is not shown at all in all of the photos, although she displays a wonderful body), Jasmin, Deborah, Nikita and Sarah.

Check out the pictures for all of the “new” girls listed above:

Aisha, Queen, Victoria and Dunja:

Aisha, Queen, Victoria and Dunja

as well as Jasmin, Deborah, Nikita and Sarah:

Jasmin, Deborah, Nikita and Sarah

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