Weekly Sex Club Review Week 28

It’s been quite a while since we last talked about major changes and happenings in the Vienna sex scene, but it is time to catch you up on the most important things!

Sex Club Maxim Wien

We will take a closer look at some of the most popular clubs and brothels in Wien; Sexclub Maxim Wien, Laufhaus Rachel, Laufhaus Vienna and we will touch on some of the important events that have happened at various other sexclubs as well.

We will also introduce some of the new girls who have arrived at the different clubs, talk about the latest news as well as parties and happenings.

Sexclub Maxim Wien


There are 3 new girls who have joined Sexclub Maxim Wien recently: Lexi, Alina and Rebecca.

In Maxim, there were more than 40 new girls available from spring till summer so the lineup is great at the moment. Some of these girls are still here, some left, while some are currently on vacation. There are also a few complete newcomers who have never worked in Austria before.

In addition, girls who have been absent for a while have returned and there are new black beauties as well, which are introduced in the Black Magic campaign.




Lexi is a half Austrian, half Australian, natural redhead who is not shy at all! Because of this, she can speak German just as fluently as English. She is a great conversationalist, as she is a native in both languages.

Lexi from Sexclub Maxim Wien

As you can see from her photo shoot, she shows off her nice tits and fit ass. She quickly got naked and you can see her shaved pussy as well. She also has piercings in her nose and one of her nipples.

Lexi might be an amateur, as she has only recently started working in this business, but she is open-minded; you can see this from her photo gallery as well as service list.


This black haired cutie is totally new in Vienna and as you can see from her gallery, she is very pretty and sweet. Her small breasts are also appealing but once you see her ass and other parts, you won’t be able to resist!

Alina from Stripclub Maxim Wien

Alina has numerous tattoos on her hip, leg, shoulder and arm as well as piercings in her belly button and above her lips. Her smaller, petite body and smaller tits are very cute.

She is friends with Alice who is currently on vacation, but she should be back soon. It is also highly recommended that you pair up Alina with Aida as they are a great duo together!


This 22 year old blue-eyed blonde from the Czech Republic is a very beautiful and elegant girl. We all know and regret the fact that there are hardly any girls from the Czech Republic working in Vienna anymore. Even more so, we applaud and welcome Rebecca who is a real gem.

Rebeca from Brothel Maxim Wien

Rebecca is a very nice person overall and as it is shown by her pictures, she has a small body frame, with cute little tits. As she looks amazing in sexy lingerie, just imagine her naked!

Summer Naked Party

Sexclub Maxim Wien hosted the Summer Naked Party on June 29, where the famous Burlesque Queen Wendy Night has also performed.

Summer Naked Sex Party in Vienna in Maxim Wien

You can see the whole gallery containing the pictures: https://maxim-wien.com/sommernacktparty-gallery/

Laufhaus Rachel

Currently, the website shows that there are 20 girls available, but this is not true, as there are far less. There are also 8 newly announced girls who should start working soon and a few who are currently on vacation.

From the available girls, there are 4 who are worth mentioning: Tina, Bianka, Angel and Anca.


Tina, a 22 years old, brown haired busty cutie gladly shows her nice breasts and delightful smile. She speaks Deutsch and Hungarian and as you can see from her gallery, she is a very happy person.

Tina from Laufhaus Rachel

The website might indicate that she is working in Laufhaus Rachel, but in fact, she works at Studio Elisabeth Hackengasse, under the alias Leila.


This blonde, 20 years old girl is a wild one! She does not play around, and as you can see from her photos, she shows her full body nude without being shy about it. You can see her in various positions throughout the photo shoot, with her small and sexy tits and amazingly looking ass.

Bianka from Laufhaus Rachel

Bianka worked in Maxim and Goldentime for a while as well, but currently she resides at Laufhaus Rachel. She is very open-minded and highly recommended.


You might not be able to see all of Angel’s assets from the pictures on her gallery, but she has a beautiful face and smaller boobs. Her breast size is 75A, she is 163cm tall and she weighs around 50kg.

Angel from Laufhaus Rachel

According to her profile, she speaks fluent English, Deutsch and Hungarian. Currently, she is located in room number 32.

Anca (Recommended)

Anca has worked in various cheap studios in Vienna over the course of the last 2 years and she has had high praise more often than not. Not all of her reviews were positive, but most of the time, the client was satisfied with her services. She also offers sex without a condom if that is what you are looking for!

Anca from Laufhaus Rachel

This blonde haired beauty looks great in white lingerie as well as black and by simply looking at the gallery, you can see that she could give you an amazing time.

Currently, Anca works at Laufhaus Rachel, which is very good and it was well-deserved for her to get out of those dumps (Studio MGR and Studio Mayergasse) and get to work in a respectable club and business.

There haven’t really been any noticeable changes in Laufhaus Rachel, but you can always keep an eye out for announced girls and take a closer look at them before they start working. Just be aware of the fact that not all girls who are shown as available actually work there. It is also worth mentioning, that the “New” tags at some of the girls are just a façade and it bears no real meaning.

Laufhaus Vienna

Laufhaus Vienna is going strong, as always, with 41 girls currently available to choose from. All of the rooms are full with an additional 4 girls arriving soon! The only girl who is considered new here is Denisse.


Denisse, the 20 years old, brown haired cutie has worked all of the last year in Escort for Fun-Girls. She also worked in Bar-Schönbrunn but just for a couple of weeks, before she started to do escort. Currently she isn’t on any escort sites and it seems like she is settling in Laufhauses, or so it seems at the moment.

Denisse from Laufhaus Vienna

She might be a bit restricted in her offered services, but she is a great conversationalist, as she speaks perfect English, as well as German and Italian.

Her gallery offers some amazing pictures of her in dresses as well as underwear, but unfortunately you cannot see any of her private body parts, not even her tits or ass; however, she has a very nice face and body in general.

Laufhaus Vienna has a discreet side entrance with free customer parking available and the girls who are shown on the list actually work there, unlike at Laufhaus Rachel.

Additional News

The notorious escort agency Studio Elisabeth has opened a studio named STUDIO ELISABETH in Hackengasse 5, in the 15th District of Vienna.

The studio at Studio Juchgasse 36a, previously known as LUSTGROTTE was closed and the girls who worked there moved from one hell hole to another as they currently work in Studio Czerningasse in the second district.

Studio Hormayergasse, in the 17th district is closed as well and girls who worked there seem to work in Rögergasse 12 in the 9th district now.

Studio Arbeitergasse 42a is also closed, some of the girls are also in Studio Czerningasse. At this moment, it is unclear if the studios were closed by the police or for other reasons.


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