The Sex Worker Stereotypes You Should Forget

Being a professional sex worker isn’t always considered a prestigious job among common people. A lot of us tend to look down on the men and women who make a living off having sex.naug

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Prostitution is often viewed like a dark angle of our society, something that we let happen yet shouldn’t happen. But we forget that sex workers have been around throughout our entire history. It is ancient profession that is an integral part of human societies and probably will be for the upcoming thousand years. Never thought about it from that angle, did you?

We all suspect that sex workers don’t always have it easy and that they have to face a lot of abuse, which might be true to some extent. Yet it doesn’t give a reason for anybody to start labeling them and judging them based on misconceptions.

There is a tendency to ignore people as actual human beings who live their day to day lives in the same ecosystem that we do. This extensive labeling towards sex workers only makes people more ignorant if nothing else.

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Obnoxious generalizations don’t take us anywhere. This kind of ignorance is a part of our education, our culture and we don’t treat any of these topics from a sex-positive perspective. It took even me a few years of hitting puberty and browsing the internet to understand what sex work was.

These topics aren’t always pretty and they aren’t exactly filled with beautiful backstories, but there are many cool people who do sex work. Simply brushing them off as “those kind of people” and with petty generalizations won’t work.

This is why we have to make sure that people are more understanding towards each other. So, these misconceptions shouldn’t be a part of our everyday conversations again.

The aim here first and foremost is to practice everyone’s basic human right and that is being equal.

They’re Probably Not That Smart

Our idea of intelligence is pretty limited even as it is, but we take it one step further by calling people unintelligent who’s daily lives and challenges we know nothing about.

Sure, you’ll rarely see escort girls with college degrees and a lot of them have dropped out of high school but they can often be perceived as well-educated individuals. They can find an equal tone with teachers, politicians or most people they get into a conversation with.

There are a lot of sex workers with foul mouths, but how many “smart” people have you heard talking dirty today?

Every profession has its own challenges and so does being a sex worker. It can be a dangerous world and they have to navigate a through a lot of different kind of people. Meeting up with someone new every day at their apartment or anywhere on the street can be a bit scary, so making intelligent decisions and staying one step of head is the key to their safety.

Being intelligent isn’t about discussing fancy philosophical viewpoints or talking about what you watched on discovery channel. It’s always practical intelligence that gets you somewhere and being intelligent on the streets is something sex workers are very good at.

They are street smart they navigate through risky situations every day which requires a lot of thought and knowledge. So it might be time to expand your understanding of intelligence.

The Words You Use to Describe Them Don’t Matter

Our society often views sex workers as dirty, foul, survivors, hookers, drug users, whores and plain bad people in general.

Even if someone doesn’t want to dehumanize these individuals have a hard time referring to people who work in the sex industry. The most commonly used phrase is prostitute, which is a word that has already been stigmatized with many negative associations.

People in the sex industry prefer the term sex worker. Because they wish to reflect that they provide services as their own choice. The term sex worker was made by individuals in the sex industry as a way to create a new concept for themselves. To spread the idea of their profession as a form of labor and economic exchange.

They Are Drug Addicts

You’ve probably seen them in movies or heard about them. Prostitutes who are drug addicts and do sex work to support their habit. These prostitutes are often repulsive immoral and unclean. Even though its best to steer clear of these kind of sex workers, it still doesn’t justify making generalizations about EVERY sex worker.

Some escort girls are completely sober and don’t use any kind of drugs, some of them do and that’s it.

Drug addict sex worker

Making quick assumptions about sex workers on drugs will only make a complete ass out of you. Sex work doesn’t indicate anything about what kind of chemicals a person puts into their body.

Sex Workers Can’t Actually Be Raped

There is a dumb misconception that those who already work in the sex industry and provide sexual services for money can’t be forced to have sex against their own will.

People in the sex industry are viewed with individuals who have no boundaries and don’t make conscious decisions regarding who they lay with. Our society views them as people who don’t have ownership of their own bodies. Who’s body is only the possession of other people and they can’t say yes or no to an intercourse.

Sex workers have reported to be victims of sexual harassment and to have been raped by police officers as well. This kind of sexual violence done by the police goes unchecked in many places. They often put sex workers in front of a choice where they either have sex or get taken in.

Reporting such crimes are out of the question and sex workers are the only ones who take the blame if they experience any form of sexual violence.

Sex Workers Are Complete Nymphomaniacs

Would anyone who is eager to have sex every moment of her life wait around patiently in a brothel for some random stranger to walk in and have sex with her? They have to be STD, hickey and injury free at all time. That’s a lot to go through only to have your fix of sex.

If sex workers were nymphomaniacs, they would go out and have sex for free with who they want.

You probably thinks that there is no other way that someone would enjoy having sex with people they don’t know as their primary occupation, but that’s ok. You’re not the one doing it and this revolves around money anyway.

Sex Work isn’t A “Real” Work

People tend to be a bit shortsighted when it comes to out of the ordinary career options. Few can view sex work as a legitimate field of employment and don’t actually view escort girls as professionals who’s field of expertise is giving people a good time.

A lot of prostitutes have number of side jobs and other careers they are in pursuit of. Sure, they do a lot of striptease dancing, peep shows and take roles in porn videos, but this only makes them busier. The work they do is as real as any other job out there. They put in actual effort to making things happen and they get actual money for it, just like any other employed individual.

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Those Who Work In The Sex Industry Are Criminals

Sex workers are exposed to the dark side of our culture, withstanding a lot of emotional, physical and cultural abuse and violence. Their community doesn’t spare them from these things and the police only adds to the problem most of the time. They often seem to walk on a lawless territory where people can use them to their will like some kind of tools. What kind of people sex workers are and what they have to say is silenced and ignored completely.

Today, they get to do their job professionally by having the right health certificates, so even the capitalist society has accepted sex work as a legit field of employment.

They Probably Have To Deal With A Lot of Assholes

The answer is yes, yes they do. There are a lot of cheap fucks with bad manners and bad breaths out there who use the services prostitutes offer.

Sex workers don’t really have the option to choose their clients, that’s why they have to be patient and smart about how they approach their work. There are not only a lot of shady assholes out there but violent ones as well.

But as with any other service job, girls sometimes get a breath of fresh air with clients who have actually good manners and keep their breaths clean. Some people want to know how to be better in bed so they hire prostitutes to teach them.

Girls sometimes get lucky enough to find a real-life supporting friend among their clients.

The way escort girls have to deal with people is quite similar to the service industry. They get to see a lot of people.

They Were Victims of Parental Abuse

Jumping to conclusions and asking anyone if they do what they do because their parents have abused them as a child rarely sets things off on the right foot. It is not only rude but can be harmful to ask this kind of question out of nowhere.

Even therapists would provide the right context for asking such questions. It’s best to keep things ethical and not try to dive into a sex workers mind and her most private thoughts. Visiting a sex worker doesn’t mean that you etiquette should be thrown out the windows.

However, a lot of sex workers really have experienced rape or childhood abuse but the correlation isn’t the causation.

It’s Hard For Sex Workers To Get Real Dates

This isn’t true at all.

Sex workers are professionals who get a nice pay for their great company. So finding someone to hang out and go on a date with isn’t at all a demanding task for them. A bit of sluttiness is welcome for a lot of people.

But it is true that some sex workers have a hard time in finding a partner who truly accepts their career choice. Handling sex work isn’t an easy task on either side of the relationship and people tend to refuse dating a sex worker. It’s everyone’s personal choice to make. But some sex workers tend to be very cool people and fun to hang out with. They are prone to ignoring most of the standards set by society and don’t care much about the rules, which makes them seem a lot more free spirited than other individuals.

Sex Workers Are Home Wreckers and Responsible For Tearing Marriages Apart

Sex workers aren’t trying to steal anyone’s husband. The guy walked into a brothel by their own free will. There is rarely a sex worker who seduces someone’s husband for her own personal gain. Although they might enjoy he’s company, they are ultimately engaging in a business transaction. They provide a service and receive compensation for it. They probably lose the guy in memory within a few hours.

It’s not a surprise that a lot of married guys visit prostitutes without their wives knowing about it. That sucks.

But some people manage to communicate honestly in their relationship and resolve things by paying a visit to prostitutes. They do this to live out some of their sexual desires to the fullest without it having an impact on their relationship.

They’re Pornstars, They’re Rich!

Yes, big porn stars who work with Naughty America, Brazzers and other noteworthy adult filmmakers tend to get filthy rich after a few years of work. Others who take part in adult movies also get a solid pay that range from $150 to $1500 but they hardly get rich of it.

Most sex workers take part in a few shots a week at most the rest of their time is taken up by the work they do every day.

Making porn movies isn’t exactly a gold mine but it is one of the highest paying jobs in the sex industry.

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