What’s going on inside of a house in Cologne

The property at number 19 Eintracht Street appears inconspicuous from the outside. Leaves hung from mailboxes that were painted purple and blue. However, the property in Cologne’s Eigelstein area appears to be more than a typical residential structure in the city center, prompting some consternation in the Veedel.

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Because prostitutes will be hosted at the house parties, the structure will be utilized as an illegal brothel. Since 2017, according to an EXPRESS reader who is also anchored in the street but wishes to remain anonymous.

Cologne: a protest about unauthorized brothels, a free ring storm in the area

Everything began five years ago. Only two prostitutes were first housed in Eintracht Street. There are far more now.

The former residents were allegedly forced to evacuate from their apartments, leaving several homeless people. Advertisements were used to attract consumers into the apartment complex, according to old Google search data obtained by

Clients should ring the bell for “butterfly,” “orchid,” or “diva,” for example, to reach the prostitute of their choosing, according to the search results. Is there an illegal brothel in the Eigelstein district? This is despite the fact that residential space in Koln is notoriously limited, and rents are steadily rising.

“Customers misunderstand the building,” says a customer in Cologne regarding unlicensed brothels.

“The suitors who come and go here around the clock occasionally confuse the building”, said an insider who talked to about the situation on Eintracht Street.

In the past, confused neighbours have rung the doorbell or the men have simply stood in the wrong corridor. This is no longer a situation, but a genuine scandal.” Furthermore, police raids were frequently conducted at 19 Eintracht Street and the prostitutes invariably climbed out of the windows and escaped.” When approached by, the Cologne police refused to corroborate this information.

Cologne responds to an illegal brothel in Eigelstein.

Previous residents are evicted from their flats and occasionally wind up on the street, stray customers terrify the neighbourhood by ringing neighbouring houses, and suspected tax fraud by the unregistered prostitutes in the building – tough stuff, right in the heart of Cologne.

Is the city aware of what happened at the Eigelstein apartment building? According to a municipal spokesperson, “the housing supervision of the Office for Housing is already initiating processes on the matter in 19 Eintracht Street.”

Cologne: Illegal brothel – “Other use is misappropriation”

“Any use of living space for anything other than residential reasons is a violation,” the spokesperson said. This involves, for example, the conversion of residential space for commercial prostitute purposes. Of course, the idea is to reintroduce the underutilized living space to the housing market.”

“With the decree of April 1, 2022, the persons entitled to dispose of and the tenant of the apartments, who subleasing the residential units to prostitutes, agreed to the destined reintroduction of the six apartments that are currently used for commercial prostitution purposes”, the spokeswoman for the city of Cologne continues. The time for comments was April 21, 2022, but neither the person authorized to dispose of the property nor the renter had responded to the facts.

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