Upselling and “premium service” in Goldentime Vienna

Regular Goldentime Vienna clients know the usual prices that are asked from the girls. A half an hour session costs €60, €120 for an hour, with extras that can be added, like CIM for €60 and anal for €120. These are the agreed upon prices and a regular customer expects good service even in the €60 half hour session. However, recent reports show that some sexworkers in the FKK have tried to upsell regular customers too. Upselling in Goldentime Vienna has been happening to tourists and people who are easily fooled, but not to regular and local clients, until now. The girls are also promoting somewhat of a “premium service”, which basically offers a better service for a higher pay rate.

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Upselling in Goldentime Vienna

According to a couple of reports that we received, local and regular clients in Goldentime Vienna have been upsold. Previously, only a low number of girls tried upselling their services and mostly to people who looked like they are easily persuaded or to tourists. However, recent reports show that this has in fact started happening to frequent clients too. Some people think that the upselling is happening because the girls got used to receiving tips. Others say that the situation seems to be going in a direction in which anything goes in order to maximize earnings for the ladies.

Additionally, the girls have started to offer a “premium service” which includes a blowjob without a condom and kissing. The price of the premium service is 100 euros for half an hour with the before mentioned extra services included in the price. All extra services are applicable for additional money. Some people speculate that this has been introduced because girls are getting fed up with the high expectations of clients for the regular price of 60 euros for a half an hour session.

Who is controlling the price in Goldentime Vienna?

The recent upselling and the premium service that is offered in Goldentime Vienna is solely the girls’ decision; the club has not instructed the girls to ask more money from certain people. The girls have decided to introduce these new services among themselves. Since the ladies are dictating the price, they are able to put pressure on everyone and apparently now those who want a good service will have to pay a bit more.

How to avoid getting upsold?

In order to avoid getting upsold, there are a couple of things that you can do to prevent it from happening. If you encounter a girl who wants to upsell her services, go for another girl instead. If you insist on picking that particular lady, opt for an extra service to make it a good room for the girl, but don’t pay the “premium”.

We will make sure to keep our readers updated on anything new that’s happening in Goldentime and all other sex clubs in Vienna. In the meantime, we have found a topic on the Sex-Vienna forum that you can join if you want to further discuss the situation.

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