Taxi driver sexually abuses women in Vienna

A 48 year old taxi driver in Vienna has been recently sentenced to eight years of imprisonment for sexually abusing three women on different occasions. According to our sources, one of the girls who was molested by the taxi driver was a minor at the time. Rape was also mentioned in the court trial.

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Taxi driver sexual assaults

Three separate sexual assault charges have been made against the taxi driver by the Viennese justice system:

The first of the three assaults happened back in 2010, when the man was driving a drunken young girl back to her apartment. Apparently, the young girl forgot to lock the door behind her and the taxi driver followed her. The man entered the girl’s bedroom and he allegedly assaulted her. In court, the man stated that he does not remember what happened on that night.

The second assault happened a year later in 2011, when he was driving a 16 year old minor home. According to the man, they started holding hands while driving and they spontaneously kissed when he stopped at a red light. Allegedly, the young girl asked the man if he had a condom before they had sex. When asked in court, the taxi driver denied that he had any knowledge of the girl being a minor and a virgin at the time of the incident.

The third assault happened in 2017 when he tried to take off a 24 year old drunken girl’s underpants while driving her home. The girl was intoxicated and half unconscious, but she was alarmed by the taxi driver’s loud groaning. She pushed the taxi driver off of herself, preventing any further assaults.

Taxi driver in Vienna sentenced to 8 years of prison

According to our sources, the taxi driver in question has been sentenced to 8 years of prison time. In addition to the sexual assault charges, the man also stole money from the girls, so he was charged with theft too. The taxi driver is required to pay a fine of 10,000 euros in compensation. Sources indicate that neither the defense, nor the prosecution were happy with the trial’s verdict.

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