The police in Dortmund caught a prostitute on a flight

A wanted lady was apprehended by authorities at Dortmund Airport because she had not paid her fine for engaging in unlawful prostitution.

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She merely intended to go from Dortmund to Bulgaria, but that turned out to be more expensive than anticipated. In the morning of 12th of July, the federal police detained a 32-year-old lady at Dortmund Airport who the Frankfurt state prosecutor was searching for.

A Bulgarian lady was found guilty of prostitution

The Bulgarian grabbed the attention of the exit check before her flight in the region of Burgas at approximately 7 a.m. A warrant for the woman’s arrest was found after a check. She was given a 980 euro fine by the Frankfurt district court last year for engaging in clandestine prostitution, but she never paid it. She was wanted because of this.

The prisoner was able to escape a month in jail at Dortmund Airport by making a payment and being given permission to continue her journey.

On the other hand – Croatian mayor used business credit card to make a payment at a brothel in Carinthia

An official credit card was used by the mayor of a Croatian town to make a 1,500 euro visit to a brothel in Carinthia. When questioned about this, he showed an invoice for a business trip that he had paid for out of pocket as payment in exchange. However, there are concerns regarding the veracity.

Toni Turcinov, a politician from Croatia, hit the headlines when he visited Carinthia in April 2019. The mayor of the Dalmatian municipality of Murter-Kornati is investigated about spending almost 1,500 euros at a Klagenfurt brothel, according to a report published on 13th of July by the investigative website “Telegram.” The charge is that he used his business credit card to pay the bill.

The mayor says that credit cards were mixed up

When “Telegram” questioned the mayor about it, the mayor claimed that it was an accident. Turcinov described this as: “I messed up the cards and paid the bill with the business one instead of the private one. Additionally, he also said that he had previously realized his error and paid the same sum out of his own pocket for hotel on a work trip to Klagenfurt.

He provided “Telegram” with the hotel bill from where it was claimed that twelve members of the community delegation had stayed as proof. Who was supposedly there, why they were there and if the bill was truly paid out of his own money are all unknown?

Hotel staff questioned the authenticity of the bill

The mayor resigned from his job as a counselor for the Sibenik-Knin County a few hours after the charges become public. According to “Telegram” he wants to keep ruling Murter-Kornati. On 14th of July, the portal revealed fresh, unfavorable charges against Turcinov. The “Telegram” discovered that the reported hotel bill may be a scam after contacting the mentioned hotel in Carinthia. A hotel employee was contacted by the media, who wanted him to verify the validity of the bill. He stated that the hotel bills appear to be different.

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