Hunter Biden – A problematic son

Drugs, liquor, and shady business dealings: Since the 2020 US election campaign, Hunter Biden (52) has been seen as the family’s “black sheep” from Us President Joe Biden.

Sex Job in Wien

Now is revealed that Hunter Biden allegedly spent $30,000 on prostitutes over the course of five months (between November 2018 and March 2019), all while concealing the expense by writing checks that claimed the funds were needed for “medical causes.”

He also abused the so-called Mann Act by hiring multiple prostitutes by train from Boston to New York. This legislation forbids the transportation of individuals from one US state to another so they can partake in activities that are illegal in their home state.

The 52-year-old sent cheques to Ekaterina Moreva, a Ukrainian woman, which is how the case came to be revealed. These transfers were flagged by the bank as suspicious, and Biden’s accounts were immediately frozen.

Additionally, texts from Hunter’s iPhone reveal that he paid for escorts ordered by Moreva, whose website advertises a “girlfriend experience” with prostitutes as young as 20, by writing cheques posing as medical benefits. To clarify: Prostitution is at least partially illegal in the majority of US states. The New York public prosecutor’s office has access to the papers, messages, and videos that “Daily Mail” presents in its analysis of the case. Some payments were made within a few hours after Hunter Biden’s father gave him a large sum of money.

The material has been in the FBI’s posessions since a while

The material has been in the FBI’s possession since December 2019, according to the Daily Mail. Therefore, charges for Hunter’s interactions with prostitutes may result from the investigations, even though prosecutions based only on prostitution claims are uncommon in the USA.

Because of his actions, Biden’s son was targeted during the presidential election campaign. Among other things, he was frequently criticized by former President Donald Trump due to his business dealings in China and Ukraine. Hunter Biden claims in his book that he has not done “anything unethical.”

A current investigation of the president’s son is apparently looking at potential money laundering, tax fraud and alleged unlawful lobbying tied to his abroad enterprises.

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