Shooting in Duisburg’s Red Light District: Homicide Detectives Investigate

Duisburg’s red light district was the scene of a shooting on Tuesday night, leaving one man with a leg injury. Shots were fired in the Altstadt district on Julius-Weber-Strasse at around 2 a.m., with police confirming the incident and the victim’s injury upon inquiry.

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According to the police report, an altercation had taken place between two men and the owner of a brothel. During the argument, one of the men drew a pistol and shot the 44-year-old brothel owner in the thigh. The two men then fled outside, with one of them firing multiple shots at the mezzanine level office window of the building.

The background details surrounding the shooting are still unknown. The Duisburg Public Prosecutor’s Office has classified the incident as an attempted murder, with a homicide squad currently investigating the matter.

The area where the shooting occurred is located in Duisburg’s red light district, nearby the Vulkanstrasse. In the past, this area has been known for altercations between biker gangs and so-called clans.

Unfortunately, this incident is one of several acts of violence that have taken place in Duisburg within the past few weeks. In mid-April, a knife attack at a John Reed fitness studio left four men severely injured, with police arresting a 26-year-old suspect. Just a few days prior, a 35-year-old man was killed by stab wounds, and investigators are currently looking into a possible connection between the incidents. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office has also begun investigating indications of an Islamist terrorist attack.

At the end of April, a 53-year-old woman collapsed on the street with stab wounds and died shortly after. Her 29-year-old son is now a suspect in the case.

Residents of Duisburg are understandably alarmed by the recent spate of violence in the city. The police are urging anyone with information regarding any of these incidents to come forward and help bring those responsible to justice.

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