Local politicians in Pohlheim criticized for profiting from prostitution at Garbenteich Brothel

Local politicians in the German city of Pohlheim are facing criticism after it was revealed that the city is profiting from prostitution through tax revenues from the “FKK World” brothel in Garbenteich. At a recent meeting of the social committee, committee members expressed their unease with the situation, with Helge Stadelmann describing what is happening at the brothel as “bordering on criminality”. The fact that the city benefits from commercial and property tax revenues generated by the brothel while prostitutes continue to work in precarious conditions has led to calls for action.

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Encarni Ramirez Vega from the association “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” spoke at the meeting and highlighted the difficult situation faced by many prostitutes. Vega reported that 60 to 80 percent of prostitutes live and work in precarious conditions and often lack access to healthcare. In addition, many are not even insured in their home countries. In the brothel in Garbenteich, up to 60 prostitutes can work, and the operators provide them with sleeping places near the brothel, for which they have to pay additional rent.

The “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” association regularly provides counseling services in the Gießen district, and Ramirez Vega stated that they are involved in mandatory discussions with prostitutes every two years for those over 21 and annually for those under 21. However, many prostitutes seek advice from the association outside of these mandatory discussions. Since 2020, the association has advised around 50 clients in the Gießen district, the majority of whom work in Pohlheim.

While the meeting largely consisted of general statements, a member of the Green Party asked about the operator of the “FKK World” brothel in Pohlheim and whether it was true that the Hells Angels run the establishment. Ramirez Vega declined to provide specific information in the presence of the press.

The situation in Pohlheim highlights the challenges faced by many prostitutes and the need for greater support and protection. While the city may benefit from tax revenues generated by the brothel, it is clear that more needs to be done to ensure the well-being of those who work there. The “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” association and other organizations like it play an important role in providing support and advocacy for prostitutes, but it is up to local authorities to take action to address the issues faced by this vulnerable population.

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Witnesses reported a fight in the brothel, and the tourist’s friend was injured, suffering a broken arm and head injuries that required hospital treatment. The man fled the scene but was caught by police not far away. The police are now asking for witnesses to come forward to help clarify the details of the incident: British tourists crashes car into brothel in Cologne, Germany

Thai police have conducted a successful operation against human trafficking, rescuing dozens of women, including underage girls, who were allegedly forced into prostitution at the “Club 4” bar in Pattaya, a city known for its sex industry.

The undercover operation involved a foreign agent who infiltrated the bar and located a minor engaged in prostitution. The police then raided the establishment and arrested all the employees, including the manager and a woman accused of human trafficking. However, the owner, who is believed to have operated the bar without a license, remains at large.

Despite the challenges, the Thai government continues to make efforts to combat human trafficking and transform Pattaya into a family-friendly vacation spot. The raid serves as a reminder of the ongoing fight against human trafficking and the importance of continued efforts to eradicate this crime: Police Raid Club 4 in Pattaya and Rescue Girls Sold into Sex Trade

In Phitsanulok, Thailand, two men and a woman were arrested for engaging in sexual activity in broad daylight on a pedestrian bridge in front of a technical college. The incident was exposed on social media, and the trio has been charged with violating the Penal Code. The public’s reaction to the incident has been mixed, with some criticizing the behavior and others defending it.

However, regardless of opinions, the act was illegal and potentially harmful to the public. Engaging in sexual activity in public places is not only against the law but can also put people at risk of exposure to sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy.

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According to an article on Sex Work Vienna, France is facing serious challenges in stopping illegal prostitution rings. Although the police have made efforts to stop the rings, new brothels continue to emerge. South American pimps are dominating the scene by taking advantage of women from different nationalities. Despite successful police raids, illegal brothels continue to appear, and more than 90% of the prostitution rings follow a mafia-like structure. The South American pimp groups are prevalent not only in France but also in Spain and North America.

The current prostitution law in France largely benefits the pimps, as they can do whatever they want most of the time since the law plays into their hands. Women have switched to rented apartments and online profiles since prostitution can no longer take place in public. The police have no power over internet platforms, and the South American women can seamlessly offer their services there: Police in a Struggle to Stop Prostitution Rings in France

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