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We’ve recently received news about Bijou Escort starting to offer escort services in Salzburg. If you are not aware, Bijou is an agency that has been offering escort services in Vienna for years now. Now in addition to Vienna, they are also serving clients in Salzburg as well. For more information about Bijou Escort’s operations in Salzburg, as well as to find the source where we acquired this information be sure to continue reading!

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Why choose Bijou for escort in Salzburg?

The reason why it is a big deal that the Bijou Escort agency now offers services in Salzburg is the fact that they are a reputable and professional agency that has a lot of experience in this field. This means that their Salzburg operation should be just as good as the services offered in Vienna. The agency has always offered exclusive and beautiful ladies to their clients, and this should continue in Salzburg as well.

In addition to this, Bijou Escort is also praised for their exclusive services. Apparently, the same services will be offered in Salzburg as well, so those who are looking for something extra can experience this with the Bijou agency.

Which girls are available for escort in Salzburg?

The Bijou Escort agency has published a landing page where they promote their Salzburg escort services, as well as all of the ladies who are currently available for booking. According to the site, most of the ladies who are available for escort in Vienna will be bookable for fun times in Salzburg as well. Through the page you can inspect the ladies individually and check their photos and info on their profile pages or you can even learn more about why you should book an escort in Salzburg.

Booking a Bijou lady for Salzburg escort

The process of booking a Bijou lady hasn’t changed much in their Salzburg operations either. Clients who wish to spend a night with a Bijou lady in Salzburg can arrange a date through phone or by filling out the simple form on the Bijou site. Both of these methods are made to be simple and fast in order for the clients to focus on what’s most important; spending time with beautiful ladies. Just like before, you will be asked some basic information in order to finalize the booking. However, the whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, so you can start preparing for your night with a sexy lady.


Now that the Bijou Escort agency is offering services in Salzburg too, you can choose to book a lady and experience something completely new with her. Apparently booking a lady is as simple as it was previously and you shouldn’t encounter any problems while finalizing your date.

We have acquired this information through the Brothel Vienna blog and based on our article on the publication. If you want to read the original post we used as source, be sure to check out the blog post on the Brothel Vienna blog now!

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