Sabine Postel used to live in a brothel in London

Sabine Postel talked about her life in London in the 1980s in the “Kölner Treff.”

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Sabine Postel (67) is a well-known German television performer. From 1997 until 2019, she was Bremen’s “crime scene” commissioner Inga Lürsen. She already had success as the lawyer Isabel von Brede in the ARD series “Die Kanzlei” (The Office) since 2009. In the chat program “Kölner Treff,” the 67-year-old discusses the tough time filming for “Die Kanzlei” during Corona and accidently admits that she lived in a brothel during her stay in London.

Sabine Postel: “Die Kanzlei – Ready for the Island” filming was “strange”

The series special for “Die Kanzlei – Ready for the Island” appeared in February 2022. Under Corona circumstances, filming took place in August and September 2020. Sabine Postel describes the odd situations in an interview with Bettina Böttinger (65). “Filming was a luxury; after the first lockdown, I was desperate since I am a spontaneous person who enjoys being among people and working. That was incredibly tough for me and I experienced panic attacks.” Then, they decided to permit to film the series special, which was “empowering.”

During the shooting, an armed officer was watching closely. “He rescued us because he was so rigorous, yet filming was incredibly strange,” the actress explains. They should have kept their distance at all times; lunch breaks were conducted in gyms or on football fields.

“The masks were taken off and placed on during the filming so you could be recorded from behind or in profile. Then you had to reapply your makeup.” A tape measure was also frequently used to verify if the 1.50 meter distance was reached. She was supposed to touch her film mother’s forehead in one moment, but the officer stopped her since the distance could not be maintained. “It was sometimes strange,” Sabine Postel adds.

Sabine Postel was a celebrity in England

Postel was a superstar in England in the 1980s, appearing in the series “The Brief”. She remembers her stay in London warmly. “It was fantastic, or rather limited fantastic,” she says in “Kölner Treff. She was lonely and her English colleagues would not make her feel otherwise. “Nobody seemed to care about me. It was challenging at first, but I eventually settled in.”

Accommodation at a London brothel

Sabine Postel living arrangement in London was at times bizarre. She originally stayed in a nice hotel near Piccadilly Circus, but she couldn’t sleep due to the noise. She found an apartment on upscale Sloane Avenue on her own.

She eventually convinced the production firm to pay a deposit of several thousand pounds for an apartment in one of the houses there. “In any case, it was noisy there as well, but in a different way. Right and left, there was constantly sex going on. I had wondered why there were so many stunning women sitting in the lobby with their legs up to their necks, but I was naive.”

As a result, she had to inform the production firm once more that her surroundings were quite noisy – since she had been in a brothel. She was then permitted to search for alternative housing. Despite her success in England and the fact that she was frequently recognized on the street, she felt “homesick” and returned to Germany.

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