Prostitutes attacked with acid in Schöneberg, Berlin

More and more prostitutes have complained they were assaulted in the Schöneberg district, in Berlin. Around seven prostitutes said they were aggressed or injured in the last three weeks around this area. Most of the victims were transsexual and the offenders attacked them with acid. The authorities believe the persons who assaulted the prostitutes were against their sexual orientation. Read the full article to find out more.

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The Police Department is investigating this case

Because the situation has escalated, the police started to investigate this case. It is very hard for the police to identify the attackers because the majority of those prostitutes were afraid to report what happened. Some people even consider the police’s action will be ineffective because there is no solid evidence to rely on.

Other attacks were reported

It is not the first time when transsexual prostitutes were aggressed. Last year, there were reported many other cases. At that moment, District Mayor declared he is aware of this situation and he will try to find some solutions. These attacks are considered to be homophobic because the offenders made different remarks about their sexual orientation. One of the prostitutes who was assaulted is Emy Ferm. From her point of view, the offenders were returning from a club or party. Apparently, all of them or drunk and they were showing off their masculinity. The most shocking part is that those guys decided to attack the sex workers just to for fun. The community is shocked by the brutality of these aggressions.

Most of the attacked sex workers are foreigners.
Authorities try to identify the attackers


The authorities asked the community’s members to use their civic duties and to call the police if they are witnessing an attack. Most of the attacked sex workers are foreigners. They prefer to keep quiet because they are too afraid to file a complaint. In addition, many street prostitutes don’t have a residence permit, so this is another reason why they don’t go to the police. The street sex workers are more vulnerable because normally they don’t have pimps to protect them. If you want to read more, Berliner Zeitung is a local publication that approached this topic.

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