Prostitutes allowed to go back to work in some states in Germany

Some states in Germany have started to allow prostitutes to get back to legal work. According to our sources, women in Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein can now get back to work. Additionally, prostitutes in Berlin might also be allowed to start working again soon. For more details, keep reading this post!

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Current situation of the German prostitution scene

Prostitution in Germany has been temporarily banned because of the pandemic and the women who used to work through legal means now either need to look for a different job or sell their services illegally. Naturally, working illegally is not only unsafe but it can also get the women into a lot of trouble with the authorities. Although according to the post we are basing this publication on some states have started to allow sex workers to get back to work, most federal states in Germany are still not allowing legal prostitution.

Sex workers feel they are being treated differently

Prostitutes in Germany feel they are being mistreated and treated differently than other body-to-body services. Most services of this kind have been allowed to operate again, yet prostitutes currently do not know when they are allowed to start working again. Some women have said that there wasn’t a huge outbreak the last time clubs were allowed to open again, and that most prostitutes only meet two or three clients per day. Additionally, the previously used client data collection was also a success, so the women do not understand why they cannot work legally.

For further details about this, go ahead and read the German publication over on the website now!


Although prostitution still isn’t allowed everywhere in Germany, having a few states allow it is certainly a start. In case there won’t be huge outbreaks or another wave, other states might follow. Hopefully, we will soon start seeing this everywhere, Austria included.

As soon as we acquire any new information, we will make sure to post about it. Until then, take a look at these related articles for more interesting posts!

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