Mannheim wants to ban prostitution from Neckarstadt-West

The mayor of Mannheim seeks to prohibit prostitution in the city’s Neckarstadt-West neighborhood. However, doing this is not so simple. A significant neighborhood homeowner consents to future relocation plans under certain restrictions.

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The red lights in the brothel area of Mannheim won’t be turning off any time soon. The municipality claims that the city’s ambitious intentions to redevelop and expel the businesses in the popular gay neighborhood of Neckarstadt-West are once more on hold.

The final street outside the district is Lupinenstraße. The “Red Mile” in the city of squares has been declared a no-prostitution zone for 60 years. The destiny of the roughly 100 women from the demimonde who are enclosed by the unsightly metal fence is still uncertain. Nearly every home’s owner in the infamous neighborhood only considers leaving if the city can provide a suitable replacement spot for his sauna club or anything similar.

Currently, City Hall is stuck. SPD Lord Mayor Peter Kurz wants to improve the troubled area without engaging in horizontal commerce, on the one hand.

City of Mannheim does not want to buy brothels

His spokesman stated, “But in the nearby prostitute district, we can’t get any further.” Additionally, they don’t want to use the municipality’s right of first refusal since buying brothels doesn’t fit well with a municipality’s good name.

In Neckarstadt-West, the city has already invested significantly. The suburb’s key objectives are to become more family- and child-friendly and to boost educational possibilities.

The quality of life for the population, which is primarily made up of migrants, would be improved if  Lupinenstraße will be converted into living space. On the conditions for a horizontal trade move, there aren’t any actual conversations yet.

Mannheim’s Reeperbahn is not welcome in City Hall

A Mannheim real estate firm intended to create “kind of an amusement mile.” During the city tour, the idea quickly disappeared. The city government is against a Mannheim Reeperbahn.

Currently, Lupinenstraße is nearly entirely owned by the interest group. Five owners are still protected by grandfathering and cannot be removed from their businesses. The business then revealed a brand-new, multimillion-dollar idea.

This called for the relocation of all women who approached their clients through windows that were left open to negotiate over the cost of the requested service. The investors agreed to move the oldest profession in the world away from the most crowded region of the city in order to build new residences.

There are several potential alternate places for red light enterprises

Several nearby pieces of land and buildings that would work well as an alternate location, like a whorehouse, were being discussed. This also involves moving a few hundred meters to a suitable position.

The official reported that “the test did not generate a positive result.” The Mannheim administration is bogged down by the issue of finding the women an alternative, official place of employment, in contrast to the nearby city of Heidelberg, which has successfully closed the inner-city Eroscenter and banned it from the city.

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