Client suffers heart attack in Asian studio

A 64 year old native Czech man was recently hospitalized after he had a heart attack in Vienna Asian studio. The man suffered a cardiac arrest around 11PM and was brought to a hospital shortly afterwards.

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About the Asian studio

According to our sources, the incident happened in Society Asia Club in Linzer Straße 93 (14th district). This is an Asian massage studio with mainly Asian ladies. This sex club has a special all-night offer for their clients. Clients can stay in the studio with one of the ladies (from 1:30AM to 8:00AM) for €300. Booking can be done through their website where clients can choose their preferred Asian girl.

society Asia club Vienna

Heart attack incident

Apparently, the man in question arrived at the massage parlour and had a bit too much fun for his health. His heart couldn’t take all the action and he suffered congestive heart failure. The studio and the girls that work there are not accountable for the incident. The man’s heart simply couldn’t take it.

The owner of the massage salon called the emergency immediately after the 64 year old man got the heart attack in Vienna Asian studio. The medical team arrived shortly afterwards and shocked the man three times to bring him back to life. The man was revivified and transported to a nearby hospital in stable condition.

heute also covered this story. If you want to read the German article, be sure to visit their page and check out the full report.

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