BREAKING NEWS: Okaybar reopened under a different name

A few months ago we published BREAKING NEWS: Okaybar closed, where we talked about the different reasons why some Viennese sex clubs are getting closed. Okaybar was also a victim of these reasons, however we have some fresh breaking news to share with you!

Sex Club Maxim Wien

Okaybar in Vienna reopened and got rebranded to Royal Bar, with a brand new slogan “Davor war es nur OKAY…ab jetzt ist es ROYAL”. This basically translates to “Was OKAY before…now it’s ROYAL”.

Royal Bar is the same as what Okaybar used to be, but with a new name and a new owner. Currently, there are around 3-4 girls working in the club and there is no admission fee. The club shows potential, but we will have to wait and see.

royal bar vienna website

About the new owner

According to our sources, the new owner is a former associate of Peepshow Burggasse who dropped out about a year ago. The new owner comes from a background of experience in businesses and he is well connected in the industry. He clearly wants to create something strong and powerful by taking over the former Okaybar.

Sources also indicate that the same guy will also reopen the ML Movie Line Peepshow. This is a peepshow around the Gürtel, which also might be getting a rebranding, connecting ML to the Royal brand. Or so we assume.

We will keep sure to post our readers about anything new that happens to Okaybar, or as we will call it from now on: Royal Bar.

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