Loverboy Seduces Young Girl and Turns Her into a Prostitute

In Cologne, Germany, lover boys drive girls into prostitution day by day. They simply walk up to them and start talking about love, opportunities or a better life. These guys are really good at what they do and they know exactly what the girl wants to hear. A prostitute of this kind is highly dependent on the lover boy.

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On the other hand, it’s a number’s game. While many girls might not take the bait, there are always those vulnerable ones who just need a few nice words. Loverboys are on the lookout for their victims on social media, around college yards and in front of fast food restaurants.

They meet the girl a few times until they earn her trust and make her become a prostitute. That’s when the lover boy starts to slowly and covertly separate the girl from her friends and family. Once the relationship reaches emotional dependency from the girl’s side, the guy takes the opportunity and forces her into prostitution.

The Story of Carola’s Daughter

Here is the story of Carla, writer of the family blog Stadt, Land, Mama. Her daughter came across one of these lover boys and quickly fell in love with him. Sabrina – we will call her daughter like that from now on – acted normal when it all started. Her mother had no idea that she was about to become a prostitute.

Since there weren’t any bad signs to worry about, there was also no way to tell she’s actually dating a lover boy. She already moved out when things were just about to get complicated. Carla felt like maybe it’s time to let her daughter live her own life.

The 19-year-old Sabrina was still in the same city. She talked and met up with her mother on a regular basis. The more time has gone by, the more Carla felt like there is something wrong about the situation. Sabrina was becoming quiet and she always felt compelled to chat on her phone.

The Lover Boy and the Submissive, Dependend Prostitute

Carla suspects that there is something wrong with the relationship. However, she still doesn’t know that her daughter is getting dominated by a lover boy. After all, he is around 25-years-old, he’s well-situated and looks like a model. Who would say no to such a handsome guy?

a prostitute with condom in Cologne
Sabrina worked as prostitute

Now comes the trick. The lover boy tells Sabrina that he needs 10,000 Euros as soon as possible. The girl is too afraid to say anything about it to Carla. When she is with her mom, she is always frustrated. She even bursts into tears a couple of times as Carla tries to help her.

Although Sabrina is thankful, she really can’t say anything about the matter. She has to keep her mouth shut.

Sabrina Can’t Talk About Being a Prostitute

Her mother doesn’t know that Sabrina is already selling her body as a prostitute on a daily basis. On the first few days, she had around ten clients each day. After that, three or four clients booked her daily. While this happens, she is deeply in love with the lover boy.

He regularly changed the birthdate and name of Sabrina. She kept working and if she didn’t want to, she got hit a few times. Then she meets her clients with bruises on her body. At this point, Sabrina is his main source of income and he doesn’t want to let her go.

The reason why she can’t talk with her mother about it is because the lover boy is threatening to harm her family. Sabrina loves him and is afraid of him at the same time so she stays silent.

Delving Deeper and Deeper into Prostitution

Sabrina welcomes her clients in her apartment. Many of them are rich men looking to have a good time with a young girl. She is about to reach the point where she can pick the clients she want to have sex with. We can say that she is improving as a prostitute but she still doesn’t enjoy it at all.

Sabrina wants to go home but she doesn’t know what to do. If she goes home to her mother, there is a high risk that both of them will get hurt. All she can do is to finally tell the whole situation to her mother. Still under the influence of the lover boy, Sabrina says that she is doing it voluntarily.

She is doing it because she’s in love with the guy and tries to explain that it’s just sex and quick money. This is a guy that acted completely normal a while ago and even celebrated Christmas with them. The lover boy was really smart about it and Carla didn’t know what to do.

Lover Boys Usually Manipulate Many Women at Once

A lover boy who is aware of his manipulative ways is not going to be satisfied with only one prostitute. If he can get more, he can earn more so why not go out and look for some more girls? Sabrina is not allowed to contact her lover boy. After all, he is too busy playing with other women.

Sabrina was definitely his main girl but he wanted more money by all means. Eventually, he had a couple other girls who were also emotionally dependent while fully in love with him. Sabrina gets stuck and continues working as a prostitute for four years.

Since she is too afraid, she doesn’t let her mother to help her. What breaks the cycle is that Sabrina decides to starve herself. One day, she falls to the ground unconsciously on the street. She ends up in a hospital where she has to go through therapy.

When the doctors let her go, she goes to her apartment and hides there for a while.

The Lover Boy Changed Her Life Forever

The lover boy was, of course, started looking for her. He terrorized Sabrina and threatened her via messages and phone calls. He had lost his control over her and also his number one source of income. At this point, the police had so much information about him that he had to stop.

Unfortunately, the damage has already been done. Sabrina was finally free but she was frequently experiencing flashbacks from the past. No matter where she goes, every little detail can potentially trigger a flashback. This is something that people with similar stories struggle with for years.

It also triggers such anger and hatred that often lead to self-destructive behaviors. They find it hard to get close or intimate with anyone for the rest of their lives. It is difficult and it required years of therapy for Sabrina to be able to cope with reality again.

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