Loverboy on trial for human trafficking and extortion

A 36 year old man is being accused of forcing a 16 year old girl to prostitution. The trial against the former boss of a rocker gang is currently on-going in Bonn, Germany. In addition to the human trafficking charges, the man is in another trial case where he is charged with extortion, alongside two other people. Apparently, the three people being accused have been blackmailing a 51 year old businessman for two years. For further details about the case, continue reading the post.

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Loverboy forces 16 year old to prostitution

According to our sources, the then 30 year old man met the girl in a disco in Düsseldorf when she was only 16 years old. The man used the loverboy method to seduce the girl and make her fall in love with him. He promised her everything and told her he could imagine a life together with her. This is one of the trademark tactics of loverboys. Once the girl was in love, he asked her to become a prostitute for him. The girl was hesitant at first, but she agreed out of the love that she felt for the man. The girl was forced to sell her body as an escort for wealthy men for five years.

According to the girl’s statement, she had to have sex with wealthy men on a regular basis. The businessmen paid 500 euros for a session with her, 1000 euro for a night and 500 euros for additional services. The girl was forced to have sex with these clients and she had to give all of the money to the loverboy. The girl was threatened to prostitution with intimidation from the man’s rocker gang members, various guns that the man owns and blackmail.

The Sugar Daddy trial in Bonn, Germany

There is another on-going trial in Bonn where the 36 year old loverboy is being accused. According to reports, the former rocker gang leader, a 27 year old pimp friend and a 31 year old woman are being accused of extorting around 1.6 million euros in total from a 51 year old businessman over a two year period.

According to sources, the 51 year old millionaire met the now 31 year old woman on a sugar daddy website. He rented her an apartment in Bonn and Troisdorf and they met multiple times a week in luxury hotels. The sugar daddy was paying the woman on a monthly basis, as well as for her sexual services.

Loverboy in sugar daddy trial in Bonn, Germany

The 31 year old woman in question started a short-term relationship with the 27 year old co-defendant. She said that she fell in love with him and agreed to extort money out of the millionaire sugar daddy.

The 27 year old man asked the help of the 36 year old then rocker gang leader friend. The two defendants staged a kidnapping and threatened to kill or harm the woman if the sugar daddy didn’t pay. According to the sugar daddy, first he paid 80,000 euros, then 150,000 euros then 250,000 euros. This continued for two years, totalling to around 1.6 million euros.

Sugar Daddy trial defendant testifies against her co-defendants

The 31 year old woman who was charged with extortion has heavily testified against the two men who are also charged in the trial. The woman has been put into the police witness protection program for her safety. She said that she was threatened by her co-defendants and that she just delivered the money to them. She later received 3000-4000 euros from the money they got for the blackmail.

When the woman testified in court, she was questioned for four hours. She was protected with bulletproof glass and armoured guards. She ended the questioning by saying that she can’t answer any more questions and that she needed to rest. She was later hospitalized in a psyche clinic for a week, where she was also heavily guarded by the police.

police guards sugar daddy defendant

When she was asked why she partook in the extortion, she answered that she was threatened and afraid that her parents would find out that she was working as a prostitute.

Conclusion on loverboy and sugar daddy trial

Both of the trials that we have mentioned are still on-going. According to our sources, the woman in question continues to testify against her co-defendants. Trials like these can take a long time to be resolved, so we expect there to be other news surrounding it later in 2020. There are currently no other updates surrounding this story, but we will keep an eye out for any further information. You can read the original German publication that we based our post about on the portal.

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