Illegal AO Sex apartments in Vienna raided by police

A police raid by the Vienna State Police has busted a total of 17 illegally operated private apartments across Vienna on the 20th and 21st of February, 2020. Police officers arrested multiple people and closed some of the apartments immediately. Around 20 officers had involvement in the raids, some of them infiltrating the illegal apartments by disguising themselves as clients. More details about these police raids on AO Sex in Vienna groups follow.

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Successful police raid against illegal AO Sex in Vienna

This law enforcement action was a success with numerous arrests. Sources indicate that among the arrested 17 women and men the ages ranged from 22 to 60. The sexworkers in the apartments were women from Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, but there were some from Brazil, Somalia, China and Poland too. The police department is still investigating for links to human trafficking and other criminal activities in some of the arrest cases.   

Infected clients informed the authorities

According to our sources, the reports to the police about the illegal activities that were going on in the apartments came from clients. The The women who worked from these illegal apartments offered cheap AO sex in Vienna.

However, since they worked illegally, they didn’t go through the required health checks and some of them infected the clients with STDs. This is one of the main reasons why we never recommend AO sex in Vienna or necessarily going for the cheapest option that’s available.

Other successful police raids we covered

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AO Sex in Vienna – Summary

This recent police raid has cut down the number of illegally operated apartments in the city. Places like these are not good for the women, or the clients who are visiting them.

These apartments have been operated illegally, meaning that there is no guarantee that the client is safe. Additionally, as we saw with this case, the women might carry STDs while offering AO Sex Vienna services. Since the women working in these types of places do not need any legal papers, it is definitely not safe to have sex with them without using a condom. Above all, the women might also be victims of human trafficking which is still a big worldwide problem.

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