Large-scale raid in Bonn’s red-light district

In Bonn and the surrounding area, approximately 170 officers examined homes, brothels and street prostitution. The campaign’s objective was to combat drug dealing, red light criminality and human trafficking.

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On 24th of November, investigators from the police, the city, customs and taxes traveled to Bonn and the surrounding area to conduct inspections to combat human trafficking, drug sales and red light criminality. According to the Bonn Presidium’s announcement, it was a massive operation that had been planned for a very long time as part of the NRW police’s cross-border searches and control days.

As stated by the police press office, approximately 170 emergency services searched a number of flats, brothel-like facilities and the street in Bonn on Immenburgstrasse throughout the evening. Five women were detained by authorities during the red-light district inspections on suspicion of being unlawfully present in Germany.

Seven prostitute businesses in the city’s vicinity were examined by city personnel to ensure they complied with the Prostitute Protection Act. They did not discover any flagrant breaches of the rules. Only three out of the 73 persons who were examined, according to the police, were unable to provide the required ID cards and certifications.

The police again intervened in the Tannenbusch drug scene

Several men ran away, the press office reported. According to reports, two young adults, ages 18 and 21, threw items into the railroad track bed. For almost 20 minutes, the police had the rail traffic stopped while they searched the rails. The report claims that it came to light that the two suspects tried to “dispose of” drugs. The judge gave the go-ahead for detectives to investigate the 21-year-flat old’s since he had a history of committing similar offenses. More cash was discovered in the flat, which was reportedly obtained from narcotics transactions.

Additionally, a 26-year-old who was checked in Tannenbusch had drugs on him. Along with cash and narcotics. The criminal police believe that drug gang conflicts are occurring in Tannenbusch, according to an internal report.

In an effort to counteract accident-causing factors and seek for roving criminals, the police also implemented traffic restrictions on same day. A truck driver (32) without identification was spotted in Meckenheim. The investigators discovered indications of illicit substances when they went to his home to check the paperwork. According to the police report, they conducted a search of the residence with the judge’s approval and found further drugs. The man, who was using narcotics himself, is now the subject of an investigation.

The majority of the time, the city’s food inspectors examined the vehicles that were used to deliver food. Due to flagrant infractions, the proprietor of a meat and sausage truck was not allowed to continue selling the products. Two snack shops and a brothel’s cafeteria were also under the city’s authority. The inspectors issued a closure order for the cafeteria due to the filthy circumstances. The operator will face legal action for a fine.

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