Irishman in Magaluf raped after leaving sexclub

According to our sources, a 19 year old Irishman was raped by two men in Magaluf early Sunday morning after being thrown out of a local sexclub. Magaluf, and especially Punta Ballena is among the most popular destinations for British tourists and numerous thefts and other assaults have been reported. If you wish to learn more about this story, continue reading the article till the end.

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Man sexually assaulted after leaving sexclub

The man in question was apparently very drunk when he got lured into the sexclub after meeting two prostitutes on the street. He went into the establishment, but told the girls that he had no money for sex and that he felt uncomfortable being in the club. He was then thrown out of the club’s back door by the staff, where two men were waiting for him. According to the reports, the Irishman was then raped by the unknown assailants and left on the streets.

The man was eventually found by his friends and taken to the hospital, where the doctors identified injuries caused by sexual assault. The police was notified who then started their investigation.

The Irishman refused to press charges

According to reports, the man in question wasn’t able to identify his attackers because of his drunkenness, but he could easily point out the prostitutes who lured him in. It is also indicated that the 19 year old Irishman who was raped refused to press charges against his assailants because he feels ashamed of what has happened to him.


Even though Magaluf is among the most notorious places for hardcore partying, a similar incident to this can happen anywhere in the world if you do not choose the place you enter carefully. Unfortunately, there are a large number of sexclubs that try to exploit their clients; especially if they are drunk. This is why we do not recommend visiting shady or overly cheap brothels, as it usually doesn’t end well. Always choose a safe brothel and do not visit such an establishment when drunk because you will be robbed, or worse.

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