Top laufhauses in Vienna 2019

Vienna’s sex scene is diverse and you can find multiple types of brothels in the capital of Austria. One of these types of brothels are laufhauses, which have been part of Vienna’s sex culture for many years.

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Today, there are numerous laufhauses in the city, all with different quality facilities, rooms and prices. For a person who is not too knowledgeable in the art of mongering in Vienna, choosing the right laufhaus can be a hard task. This no longer has to be the case, as this list of the top laufhauses in Vienna is here to help!

In this article, you will find helpful information about all of the laufhauses that are currently housing girls who are selling sexual services in Wien.

Before we jump into the list, make sure that you know what a laufhaus actually is. An explanation of laufhauses has been posted on the Sex Vienna blog that explains the definition of these types of establishments perfectly. We urge you to read that article first if you are not familiar with a laufhaus, as this will make our list much more comprehensive.

1. Laufhaus Vienna

Laufhaus Vienna is located on Triester Strasse, in the 10th district of Vienna. The laufhaus has been operational for around 5-6 years now and it is considered to be among the best laufhauses in the city.

In the building, there are around 40 rooms up for rent and most of these spaces are always occupied. There are also some ladies who have been working from the same room in Laufhaus Vienna for years. According to our sources, this is among the best laufhauses for girls to work in, as they make the most money here when compared to other laufhauses. The pictures that the girls have on the website are usually real, with some minor photoshopping involved; however some of the pictures are very outdated.

Laufhaus Vienna building entrance Wien
Laufhaus Vienna building and entrance

When visiting the laufhaus, the selection of girls is usually very high (because almost all rooms are occupied) and some girls leave their doors open so clients can immediately see them. The girls are not immensely pushy when it comes to luring clients into their room. The experiences that clients get vary from girl to girl, but the overall reviews of the place are usually positive.

Currently, the prices that are asked by the girls in Laufhaus Vienna are €70 for 30 minutes, while the extra services go for €20.

2. Laufhaus ici Paris

Laufhaus ici Paris is located at Wagramer Strasse 242, in the 22nd district of Vienna, which is not particularly the best location in the city. The Laufhaus ici Paris business is separated into two different buildings, but there are not as many ladies working here as there are in Laufhaus Vienna. Overall, this establishment has multiple positive as well as negative reviews online and some people recommend it, while others say to avoid it. We personally recommend the establishment as it is considered to be among the better laufhauses in Vienna.

Laufhaus ici Paris entrance and room Wien
Laufhaus ici Paris entrance and room

The facilities in Laufhaus ici Paris are not as good as in the previous places that we mentioned and the fact that not all of the rooms have a shower is not the best thing either. The laufhaus itself is clean, modern and pretty well maintained. According to the website, this laufhaus chain also has businesses in other cities around Europe; namely in Hamburg, Prague and Budapest.

Much like in Laufhaus Vienna, the girls here also tend to leave their doors open, so that clients can inspect them and see if they are interested without having to knock on their door first. The prices that are asked here are: €70 for 30 minutes, while the extra services go for €20.

3. Laufhaus Rachel

Laufhaus Rachel is located in the 23rd district of Vienna under the Triesterstrasse 176 address. This business also has numerous positive as well as negative reviews online. Laufhaus Rachel has a few good things going for it, but the main problem that many people have with this laufhaus is that its location is pretty distant from the city center.

The place itself and the facilities are nice and clean, and there’s a new twist in the form of windows on the doors. This is great as clients again do not have to come face-to-face with the girls just to see how they look, but they can rather just sneak-a-peek and see if they fancy the lady or not. Another thing that differentiates this laufhaus from the rest is the online availability calendar that the place has. Here, clients are able to see which girls are available on which days, so that they can make appointments accordingly. However, the only problem is that this calendar is not very accurate and it is rather just an estimate of when the girls are available.

Laufhaus Rachel entrance and hall Vienna Wien
Laufhaus Rachel entrance and hall

The problem that some people have with Laufhaus Rachel is the fact that they do not update the site with new girls regularly. This means that you might find a lady online that in fact no longer works in Laufhaus Rachel. It also happens that a girl starts working here and nobody knows about it until they actually see her in person because she was never announced on the website. Same goes for some ladies who have their profiles or pictures deleted, while still working in one of the rooms of Laufhaus Rachel. This uncertainty might turn away some clients even before setting foot in this laufhaus in Vienna.

Another reason why this place might leave a sour taste in the mouth is because the ladies who work here are very aggressive when it comes to luring clients into their rooms. The girls are known to be pushy with extra services and there are also reviews of shortened or lackluster experiences from certain girls too. When it comes to the prices offered at Laufhaus Rachel, 30 minutes go for €70, but the extra services here cost a bit more; €30 for each extra service.


Choosing any of the laufhauses that we have listed in this top laufhauses in Vienna article should result in a satisfying experience. Naturally, considering how laufhauses work, the main thing that will determine the quality of your visit is the girl that you choose. The best things you can do are reading up on reviews about girls from a certain laufhaus and picking a couple of viable options. Since the girl that you choose might be busy when you visit, it’s always good to have a backup plan.

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