Hungarian scammers are stealing customers’ money and advertising their services on Booksusi

The Sex Vienna community provides an excellent resource for those seeking information on the Vienna sex scene. Recently, a forum user issued a warning about a scam targeting unsuspecting customers of Booksusi website.

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Reportedly, a Hungarian gang advertising their services on Booksusi is using a clever tactic to cheat their customers out of their money. They request payment in advance, after which the girl either leaves the apartment for some pretext or asks the customer to take a shower. In both cases, the end result is the same: the girl disappears with the money, leaving the customer without the service they paid for. In some cases, the victim’s valuables also go missing.

The gang is known for frequently deleting their profile on Booksusi and creating a new one with a different phone number when necessary. Before being taken down, one of their ads featured a girl named Sofie who claimed to be a first-time visitor to Vienna.

While these types of websites offer convenience, they can also be breeding grounds for scams. The Sex Vienna community advises users to conduct thorough research on service providers before paying for any services and to trust their gut if anything seems suspicious.

It’s important to note that legitimate brothels and sex clubs do not require clients to provide personal information, including phone numbers, unless absolutely necessary. As the pandemic led to an increase in girls and clients turning to these sites, including Booksusi, it’s vital to remain cautious when booking services through them.

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