Germany’s Hottest Property Hits the Market in Hamburg’s Red-Light District

Hamburg has become the center of attention as a rare opportunity arises in Europe’s most renowned red-light district, the infamous Herbertstraße in St. Pauli. Nestled within this 60-meter-long street lies a complete brothel, now up for sale, situated right in the heart of the so-called “women’s prohibition zone.”

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Behind the iconic gate of Herbertstraße, boldly displaying the warning “Entry prohibited for men under 18 and women!”, stands this sought-after brothel. Spanning four floors and covering an impressive 395 square meters, the property boasts not only ample space but also essential amenities such as toilets and crawl spaces on each floor.

Operating round the clock, approximately 250 seductive prostitutes captivate clients from all corners of the globe, alluring them through the ground floor windows.

The discreet advertisement of this unique opportunity can be found on “Immoscout,” presented by the esteemed Lüneburg real estate agency, “Hansestadt Immobilien.” The listing emphasizes the extraordinary nature of this offering.

It is an exceedingly rare occurrence for a property within the renowned Herbertstraße to be available for purchase. For the fortunate new owner, a steady monthly rental income of 2825 euros awaits.

Managing Director of “Hansestadt Immobilien,” Patrick Sawert, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The location is unparalleled, occupying a prominent corner in the city. Moreover, the houses themselves are in impeccable condition. This is truly an unprecedented addition to our portfolio.”

While speculation arises as to whether the new owner will venture into the realm of brothel ownership, the current circumstances indicate otherwise. Presently, a rental agreement is in place with the current occupants, granting them the option to extend their stay for an additional five years until 2026.

As Hamburg’s red-light district witnesses the emergence of Germany’s hottest property, the allure of this unique opportunity is undeniable. Interested parties are encouraged to seize this chance to own a slice of history in the midst of the vibrant Herbertstraße.

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