Funpalast CEO Christoph Lielacher Ventures into Politics, Plans to Establish Red Light Party in Vienna

In a bid to cater to protest voters, Christoph Lielacher, CEO of Funpalast, has set his sights on entering the political arena in Vienna with an unconventional twist – a red light party.

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Following in the footsteps of rocker-turned-politician Marco Pogo, Lielacher is now planning to establish a “red light party,” according to a report by “Krone.” Previously making headlines during the pandemic for his establishment’s unique COVID-19 vaccination station, the Funpalast boss is now shifting his focus towards a serious political endeavor. The report suggests that five members of parliament are poised to defect and join Lielacher’s party.

Lielacher’s mission revolves around creating an environment where hardworking individuals can find comfort and enjoyment in their own country. As a gesture of this commitment, he currently offers free admission to his establishment every other Saturday. However, he argues that for a significant portion of the population, the struggle for survival has overshadowed the pursuit of work-life balance. Lielacher accuses politicians of failing to address this pressing issue, resulting in a state of “standstill.”

Price cap on energy costs, targeted measures for small and medium-sized companies

The Red Light Party aims to break the impasse and bring about meaningful change. Their proposed measures include the introduction of a price cap on energy costs to alleviate the burden on citizens, as well as targeted relief measures for small and medium-sized enterprises. Departing from the conventional four-day workweek, the party advocates for a new approach to address the needs of the population.

According to “Krone,” the party is currently gathering fresh endorsements from supporters. Their immediate objective is to establish a strong presence in Vienna, with the ultimate ambition of participating in the upcoming national parliamentary election.

The emergence of the Red Light Party adds a new dimension to Vienna’s political landscape, offering alternative perspectives and policy proposals. Protest voters eagerly anticipate the unfolding of this unconventional political journey, as Lielacher and his party seek to reshape the discourse and priorities of Austrian politics.

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