Czech 22-Year-Old with a Plan to Murder Prostitutes

According to an article published by Sex Vienna on April 9, 22-year-old Czech male now faces court for attempting to knife two prostitutes. Besides causing serious bodily harm to two of them, he is also convicted of double attempted murder. His initial plan was to visit three prostitutes, two of which were transsexual.

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According to judge Wolfgang Etl, the Czech male is about to spend a lifelong sentence in jail as an unstable individual capable of brutal violence. The perpetrator was also evaluated by psychiatrist Peter Hoffman. The results of his evaluation were rather concerning, further justifying the need to impose maximum penalty.

The First Two Prostitutes were Extremely Lucky

As written on Sex-Vienna, the 22-year-old Czech made three appointments of which the first was at 9:00 AM. After receiving the sexual services that they agreed upon, he asked the girl to close her eyes. He said that he is about to give her something. Instead, he pulled out a knife from behind his back.

It was a lucky situation because the woman didn’t actually close her eyes. As she saw the knife in the mirror in front of her, she immediately reacted and threw him out of the room. Although the Czech native didn’t do any harm there, the jury rightfully rated the incident as attempted murder.

At 1:00 PM, he arrived to the apartment of the second sex worker. It was another lucky situation because there were other people in the garden, sitting near the apartment window. Since the Czech guy considered it too risky to attempt anything there, he simply left before coming in contact with the prostitute.

The Massage Ended with Brutal Knifing

The third, 34-year-old transsexual sex worker was not nearly as lucky as the previous two. Her client, the 22-year-old Czech arrived at 3:00 PM. They agreed on a massage with a role change that costed 100 Euros. The prostitute massaged her client until he gave the notice to swap with her.

That is when the Czech male pulled out his knife and started stabbing her. She screamed while the perpetrator continued stabbing her. Fortunately, the sex worker’s roommate heard the screaming and quickly entered the room to help.

The roommate grabbed the prostitute by the hand and pulled her away. At this point, the Czech male stabbed the savior’s upper arm. It was a deep cut, but it didn’t stop her from leaving the room with the prostitute. This was rated by the jury as attempted murder on the 34-year-old and deliberate serious bodily harm on her roommate.

The 22-Year-Old Czech Tries to Defend Himself

In the Sex-Vienna article, we got to know more about the perpetrator as well. The Czech is a resident of Upper Styria, worked there as a carpenter while living with his mother there since 2018. On May 31, 2020 he arranged numerous appointments for June 1 with prostitutes in Vienna. In front of court, he claimed that all he tried to do is to defend himself.

His reason for self-defense was that the prostitute had touched him painfully in the genital area at one point during the massage. Since he is a carpenter, he always carries his jackknife with himself that he immediately pulled out as a response.

According to him, he is sorry about how events unfolded and wanted to assure the jury that such thing won’t happen again. He also said that he wants to compensate the victims once he can get back to work. He wanted to convince the jury that he just wanted to have fun with the ladies and went there without the intention to hurt anyone.

Psychiatrist Reveals the Motives Behind the Incident

After evaluating the Czech native in the face of the events that happened, psychiatrist Peter Hofmann concluded that he is a potential serial offender. There were also obvious sadistic and narcissistic motives behind his aggressive acts of violence.

According to him, serial offenders like this one don’t care about escape plans and they don’t want to cover traces either. However, the attack on the 34-year-old sex worker was well-planned beforehand. A common treat among sadistic sex killers is a sudden outbreak of aggression as well, said Hofmann.

The psychiatrist warned everyone against the Czech carpenter, as he is completely unemotional and has a serious disorder in his opinion. He simply doesn’t think twice when it comes to inflicting maximum pain.

Source: Brutal Knifing Attempt Against Two Prostitutes in Vienna

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