Armed robbery in a sexclub in London Borough of Hackney

Back in 2019 two men violently broke into a sexclub in London Borough of Hackney where they robbed two prostitutes and raped them afterwards. The men have been identified and sentenced to over 40 years of jail in total. For more details about this violent robbery in the London sexclub, be sure to read this text further!

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Perpetrators threatened the prostitutes with axes and knives

The two men who were charged with robbery and rape broke into the sexclub using axes and knives. They were assisted by a third person who previously worked in the club as a security guard. The robbers entered the building and disabled the security cameras which allowed them to go in unnoticed. They threatened the women to give them all of their earnings, after which they sexually assaulted two of the prostitutes.

The men were identified by DNA and fingerprints

The three men were found by the police after thorough investigation. The men who sexually assaulted the women left the used condoms on the crime scene and the place was full of their fingerprints too. According to the police report, the men stole around 1,200 euros from the women and violently threatened them with their weapons if they didn’t comply.

The women who were raped went to a clinic to be checked the next day where the nurse noticed they were sexually assaulted, which she reported to the local authorities. The men were found shortly after and immediately put to trial.

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Rapists sentenced to prison

The two rapists have been sentenced to 18 and 15 years of imprisonment for robbery and assault, while the third man was jailed for 10 years for robbery. The two men who sexually assaulted the prostitutes have also been listed as sex offenders in a criminal record.

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